Sep. 22nd, 2013

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So, my parents are coming over today to help me build an arbor for my volunteer grapes (did I mention the grapes here? Random grapevine came up in my backyard, in amongst the wild oats and blackberries and assorted weeds. I discovered it because the spot of purple caught my eye when a bunch fully ripened. They are quite tasty and I got at least 4 bunches this year with no watering or pruning or anything, quite the score!), which seemed like a great idea a month ago, and is still a pretty good idea, really, but well overlaid with my house shame. It's bad, y'all, no one should see how I live, not even family.

It doesn't help that I don't feel like my job is secure right now Due to changes in the business environment, not my performance, but still, it's troubling.

Generally, I feel like any progress I have made in becoming a responsible adult is totally illusory. And if that is true I should be having a lot more fun.

Edited at 8;30pm to update:

I have a grape arbor! It's an unorthodox design using some stuff I had lying around, but I think it will work. We moved around a few of the stepping stones and bricks that I had put down as a sort of patio to give the vine some more room - turns out there is only one rootstock and it was coming up from in between the stones. Pretty nifty. Then we watched the end of the 49ers game which was less nifty, kinda made us all glad we didn't watch the whole thing (we saw the first quarter while we were out to brunch, which was apparently the only part that wasn't disheartening for SF). And the Saints remain undefeated with a well-played game, so, good day.

Although now my face hurts. Stupid sinuses.


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