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My allergies are really bothering me, I might just go back to bed for most of today. Or stay on the couch wrapped up in blankets eating soup and drinking tea. Yesterday's headache has moved from the right side of my head to the left, which somehow seems like an improvement? In that it's a change, I guess. I hope I don't have to figure out how to use my sick days, I have projects at work that I hope to wrap up this week and I really want to see them through. Maybe I will drag myself to the store and get some Claritin and Sudafed.

Anyway, yesterday did the Martinez Home Tour with my mom which was really nice. John Muir's house was, of course, closed because it's a National Park, but the regular homes (mostly 1920s era this year) were actually pretty diverse and interesting. The owner of our favorite house, who also did most of the renovations himself, was there when we toured it and we chatted with him about their design decisions which was really interesting. He figures if you have a small space, decorate with big furniture and big art and it will feel bigger - seemed to work in his house!

As the tour was winding up, my dad cut his hand taking down signs so we got to go to Urgent Care. He's fine, just a few stitches.

Drank green tea and coffee in an effort to feel awake enough to go into the city for a wee shindig, but the caffeine was not quite magic enough for that, alas.
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