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Hi DW/LJ! I keep mentally composing posts, but it is hard to find the time and energy to actually, you know, post them. This may be a little incoherent, but that's better than nothing, I hope.

Work is going okay. There is a little bit of reorganizing going on - one of the managers in my department is moving sideways into another department and they aren't replacing her, and one of my co-workers is leaving for a job with the county. They are replacing her, but a new person won't be able to pick up all her work, she was kind of specialized. I'm a little worried that I'll get more on my plate and I haven't fully mastered what I already have, but that's the way it goes, I guess. I won't be under the manager that hred me any more, which I am a little bummed about because we worked well together. But I've worked with my new manager on a couple of small projects and those were fine, so I'm sure that will work out.

This Wednesday will be one year since i started at Meyer as a temp. Pretty weird. Good weird, on the whole. Time has slowed down a little - it was zipping by super fast for a while there. I still feel like it was just 2005 not very long ago, but last March being a year ago seems about right. So.

I had a super scary allergic reaction last Monday. I went running, listening to my Zombie training app, of course, and shortly after Maxine told me I'd done two minutes of warm up walking, my arms were itching enough for me to wonder if I'd used the wrong kind of soap, but it wasn't too bad and usually that is irritating but bearable. Well, it just kept getting worse, but I thought there was a water fountain at CIty Hall (about a mile into my run) where I could wash off my hands. I couldn't find it, maybe it wasn't there, and by then my legs started itching, but the fastest way to get home and do something about it was just to continue my run and just head straight home. About halfway home I started feeling like  my tongue was too big for my mouth and my throat felt swollen which is what realy tipped me off that this was an allergic reaction for real. I didn't have trouble swallowing or breathing, but it was worrisome.

Made it home, hopped in the shower which did provide some relief, but could not find any Benadryl. By the time I had looked for it enough to decide that i just needed to go to the store, the soothing effects of the shower were pretty much gone. I really should have gone to Urgent Care or the ER at that point, but I had my whole Take Benadryl plan and wasn't thinking clearly enough to change it, so I put on a dress that wouldn't touch my skin in too many places and drove to Rite Aid where I bought every type of allergy medicine they had and several lotions and a Diet Coke, popped two Benadryl in the parking lot (and noted the time so I could tell if I was just being impatient or if it wasn't doing any good), went home and consulted for advice on What Drugs Interact With Benadryl. After an hour, all my symptoms were better but not gone so I took Claritin.

I kept taking Benadryl and Claritin the rest of the week and saw my doctor this past Monday for a follow up. She advised me to carry Benadryl with me, prescribed me an epipen just in case, and set me up for an allergy test for common allergens plus almonds (because I know I'm allergic to almonds, but I didn't eat any that day and while I am also pretty sure almond pollen makes me congested I've never had the itching and swelling form pollen before, just contact (soaps made with almond oil, for instance) and those incidents were much milder. I've gotten the raw results but not her interpretation - Class II levels (which the internet tells me means Moderate Allergy) for a bunch of tree and grass pollens, and almond, and walnuts (which is a surprise, but is something I ate before running) and potatoes (which I didn't even know was a common allergen but is also something I ate that day). If I have to give up walnutsI will be bummed, as I do rely on a variety of nuts for snacking purposes and have been looking forward to making leek and walnut tarts. If I have to give up potatoes I will be really bummed because potatoes are fucking delicious. I have been hardly eating them at all because low carb but when they show up in my CSA I enjoy them mightily and part of being able to take not eating them very often while dieting is knowing that I will not be on this diet forever and can welcome potatoes back into my life and if that is not true, well, it's not good. But I don't really know that yet, maybe I just have to be careful during Spring and restrict how often/how much I eat the things that the test is positive for. IDK

Meanwhile, I am still all into custards. I decided just yesterday to go ahead and splurge on a whipping siphon so I can explore the wonderful world of foams and airs from a molecular gastronomy standpoint. I love whipped cream, and mousses, and yeasty bread (which is technically a foam) and souffles and meringues and so forth, so I am excitied to see what happens when you make those kinds of textures with different flavors. I've already got a bag of xantham gum and I am not afraid to use it. And I am semi-obsessed with deviled eggs. Between those options, the magical noodles made out of tofu, and good old salad I 've got some decent variety in my diet.

Speaking of diets, down almost 90 pounds. One day this week the Wii told me I was Overweight instead of Obese, which was kind of nice in that odometer showing a lot of zeroes way. I'm oretty much at the weight I was wen I got married, which means a lot of the clothes I had packed away fit me again. Most of those are appropriate for warmer weather, on account of how I bought them in New Orleans, so I haven't been able to bust too many out yet, but soon!

Hm, I feel like I am forgetting to talk about something. Oh well, I can always post again.
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