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Hi Dreamwidth/livejournal peeps!

It's been months and i haven't read, much less posted.  And I still haven't read, so, apologies but I am not caught up on what's going on with y'all unless I found out in other spaces. So it goes.

Anyway, instead of catching you up with what is going on in my life (I am doing stuff, I guess? Doesn't feel like it sometimes, but I stay busy, too busy to be online like I'd like) I am going to blather about the resolutions I somewhat randomly feel obliged to make.

I think what I need to do for the next little while is focus on getting rid of stuff and getting my house in saleable shape. Not that I necessarily intend to sell anytime soon, but I should be ready. While keeping it a space I enjoy living in, of course, but that's a pretty low threshold. It's more house than I need or can really afford, and even if I don't move my heirs will want to sell it and I should fo them a favor and get it ready for that, if nothing else. To start with, this mostly means getting rid of excess stuff and fixing things like the plumbing issues and the swamp cooler and whatnot. I don't want t fix the crack in the living room ceiling, but I guess I should. It's far down the list.

There's other stuff, but that's what I have the burning desire to share right now So.


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