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So, I realized I still had a few Adderall from when my doc switched me to Vyvanse way back when. As an experiment, I decided to try taking them again and, y'know, that stuff works. I didn't take it yesterday because I have so little and day of rest, and I noticed a huge difference in my ability to focus on tasks and, like, complete some. I need to figure out how to get some sort of ADHD treatment again, I think. I'll explore Kaiser's website tomorrow, see how that works.

Faithful readers will be pleased to hear that I did, in fact, mow my lawn this morning. I still need to edge and weed and blah blah blah there's always more to do in the yard, but it's a good start and some of that stuff I can do at, like, 6am when it's nice and cool. I like mowing my lawn on Sunday, makes me feel like Henry David Thoreau.
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What was happening with me yesterday? Oh, right:

  • 10:22 Have achieved pancakes. Forever Plaid last night was charming. Must remember that driving for 2.5 hrs to get free cupcakes is not rational.
  • 18:26 Went to the gym, but took a nap after.
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Finally getting around to editing this at 6:29 PM PST

I need to remember to get up to Zub Zub sometime. I can come up with an excuse to drive up the coast that is not just I want to visit the ice cream shop that has Neil Gaiman coffee. I am concerned that I probably can't drink the coffee as bitter almond is one of the listed ingredients that means making a pilgrimage expressly for that purpose would be rather silly.

Can;t seem to get through the afternoon without a nap, so I am thinking it is not so much the going to the gym that cause that one as the not being on ADHD meds. Forgot about that. I really need to get my health insurance straightened out so I can have a chat with my dr. about trying something else. I'm on my husband's policy, so my name isn't on the card, they are just supposed to look up my name and se that I am on his policy, except that they have my name spelled wrong so when they look up my correctly spelled name, I'm not there. Such a minor error by somebody, and so much of a hassle to fix.


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