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This is an October recipe, but I have collard greens now. Read more... ).

In non-dumpling news, weight plates with (I hope) a wide enough hole to fit around my iron tree came today, so I should be able to get that set up again. Yay. It'll be good to have the goldfinches and sparrows out where I can see them - I hear them rustling around in the potato vine and cheeping at one another, but without a feeder they don't show themselves much.
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The "iron tree" I got to hang my birdfeeders and such on when the tree out front dropped all its branches will not stay up when the ground is soggy. And I did think of that when I bought it, but that was summertime so I had a long time to forget that before it fell down a few days ago. Today I set it up in a different place I hoped would be more stable, didn't even stay up half an hour. I've got my potted azalea bush holding it in place for the moment, but that's not a lasting solution. For one thing, I don't want my azalea that exposed to the elements, I don't think. I might try lashing it the fence somehow, but it'll be harder to see from the living room, I think, and that is a large part of the point of having birdfeeders in the front yard, being able to see the birds through the picture window.


On the bright side, it's a really nice day today, weather-wise, and I am supposed to get my fence tomorrow, so working in the backyard is about to get a lot more pleasant. And I am on top of the whole washing dishes situation, though I need to make something for lunch so that won't last. OTOH, eating lunch will probably make me less grumpy about the front yard.
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What was happening with me yesterday? Oh, right:

  • 08:08 Reset my alarm for "apparent sunrise", actually woke up about 5 minutes before. Way better start to the morning than getting up in the dark.
  • 10:48 Once again, my neighbors parking in front of my house has denied me the services of the street sweeper. Annoying.
  • 13:42 The ride that was a doable challenge on Saturday, easy today. After 4 days of not doing much, certainly not biking at all. Hm.

  • We're going to try a longer ride today, at Linear Park which gives us 5-7 miles of bike path with only occasional need to cross a road. It feels a little silly to load the bikes onto a car and drive to a place to ride our bikes, but I'm afraid that that's the practical thing to do today. We may be able to ride from the mall to the vegetable patch, which would be pretty cool.
  • 15:02 Good lord. Came home to find a HUMMINGBIRD in my kitchen. That's a new one. Finally got it to fly out the front door. #fb

  • So weird! It was buzzing at the window over the sink, which we fortunately never put the screen back onto after we had that sparrow in the house that decided the iron work above the sink was the best place to roost. Unfortunately, even with that window open we couldn't convince the hummingbird that that was the way out - the activity of opening the window chased it into the living room where it decided the picture window would be a good escape. Which it would be, again, no screen, so I opened that and the bird moved over to the front door - the wood door was open with just the screen door shut. DH was able to open the screen door without alarming the hummingbird, who flew outside and sat in the tree. Whew!

    I don't know how it got inside. The aforementioned sparrow was caught and brought in by a cat, who let it go again inside (she had to meow at me to let me know about her prize and dropped the bird, basically). I don't think that happened with the hummer - that would require that one of the cats caught it, brought it in and lost it again without injuring it, and then went back outside and forgot about the bird. Not one of those things is likely and all three would have to have happened. The ways it could have gotten inside on it own are (a) through the cat door, which just makes no sense but it's not technically impossible or (b) through the back door, which would mean the hummingbird for some reason traversed 12-15 feet of covered patio to get to the garage door and then came 6 feet or so through the garage and for some reason cam all the way into the kitchen. Maybe gathering spiderwebs? I don't know, I've never seen one come more than a foot into the covered patio, but it's the most likely scenario.

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What was happening with me yesterday? Oh, right:

  • 08:34 Goldfinch in the bedroom. Before coffee. Unfair. #fb

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I was doing my bleary-eyed ease into the morning thing, catching up on some webcomics before tackling the day, when I heard what sounded like an unfamiliar cat meowing rather desperately somewhere in the back of the house. Now, strange cats have wandered in through the cat door (which is in a window in a spare-ish room) before, so I headed back to see if someone needed rescuing/chasing out, but there was no strange cat, only Jadzia.

Jadzia is not a talky cat. She will meow to protest being picked up, maybe in greeting occasionally, but these meows did not sound like either of those. Apparently, she has a special vocalization for "Help me catch this bird that I have brought into the house to show you but it got away from and now I'm not sure where it is."

I didn't realize that's what it meant, of course, until the rustling of the goldfinch alerted me. I couldn't tell if it was hurt - it was able to flutter across the room, but it's a small room. It was scared enough to try holding very still in between it's desperate attempts to flee, so I was able to catch it and bring it outside. I put it in the tree where all the birdfeeders are and it immediately took off across the street, so I think it may have been wholly uninjured.

During all this, H was in the bathroom and of course I yell to him that there is a bird in the house so he tries to follow the action through the door, asking me questions that I just did not have time to think about. But then he made me coffee a little later.

Tiny things, goldfinches.


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