Sep. 20th, 2012 08:31 pm
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So, I decided to do the good old-fashioned Atkins Induction 14-day eat-exactly-what-the-book-says thing, because that's easy on the brain. But it meant buying a frickin' ton of groceries (I had the foresight to let myself run out of just about everything first, so the last couple of days feeding myself has been more challenging than usual), so I had them delivered, which helped a lot, but just putting all the perishables away has taken me about two hours (to be fair, a good bit of that time was making sure I knew how long I could wait before dividing and freezing the various meats, since I sure as hell don't want to do that today if I don't have to, and some of it was making and eating lunch). And I have the final delivery of Soul Food chickens today - good thing my parents are letting me use some of their freezer space for some of that!

I don't know if I'll get to any of my overdue items today, just keeping up with what's due today on top of this major grocery shop is kind of kicking my ass. But that's okay. It's an extremely flexible plan. And I"m already down to only 242 Past Overdue tasks, so that's a marked improvement for such a short time.

I somewhat randomly decided to make chocolate pots de creme yesterday, mixing and matching the Cook's Illustrated recipe with Ratio creme anglaise/custard advice, and sweetening with Splenda. It ended up looking pretty ganache-like, which I was pretty okay with, but then I woke up in the middle of the night thinking I knew how to fix it and actually got up and tried it. That's kind of odd for me. Now they are actually kind of thin and liquidy, but pretty tasty if a little more bitter than sweet. My Net Diary seems to think they are acceptably low carb, so I'll go ahead and finish eating them over the next few days.

Edited to add: OMG this day! I head out to get the chicken delivery about quarter to five, the Toyota won't start. Fine, I can always take the Volvo. Except that won't start either, in a slightly different way that makes me think if I can hook the batteries together with jumper cables maybe one of them will start. They're parked side by side in the driveway, but the batteries are on opposite sides of the engine compartments and the cables won't reach. Of course. So, I call the farm and ask if they can hold my chickens to tomorrow, which they are agreeable about, and figure out how I can take the (infrequent and slow) bus to an auto parts place and buy a battery or a charger or something, I don't know. Fortunately, as I'm leaving my favorite neighbor M pulls up and asks what's wrong, she saw I had the hoods up, and I explain and she not only offers me a jump, she calls her husband to come help my push the Toyota out of the driveway so the battery is reachable. I need to get them some kind of thank you gift, they are awesome. I call the farm and tell them I'm coming, drive out there, leave the engine running while we load up the chickens, come back to the house and get the chickens into the kitchen with the engine still running, and then go drive around some more in the hopes that I can get the battery charge up. We'll see how it is tomorrow. I suspect that one of the accessories that was plugged into a cigarette lighter was draining a little too much power with the engine on - I haven't been driving at all much lately, so it would have had some time to work with. I really hope that's it. The battery is about two years old, which doesn't seem like time for a new battery, and everything got completely checked out by a shop that specializes in the electric system, so I think they would have caught anything more esoteric.

In better news, all the chickens fit in my freezer and fridge, hooray! Even the liver, which I forgot I was getting. I have so much food right now. But I haven't had dinner yet. Cooking time!

More editing for further update: another neighbor just knocked on my door to tell me he'd turned off the inside light in my car. I have no idea why it was on, but I've been only driving during the day for I don't know how long (just because that's my schedule these days, I'm extremely diurnal), so it's probably been on a long time. That would explain the dead battery! And it was still on when he turned it off for me, so hopefully that won't be a problem anymore.
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I got both the cars smogged, hooray! And I don't feel too bad about not just taking a half hour and getting it done earlier because it took all frikkin' day - I headed out right after breakfast and just got home in time for tea. But it's done and I believe they are technically legal now and I should have the stickers to prove it pretty soon. So, yay for that.

And the guy who is taking my bees called before I had to call him and ask what was up, he's going to come by on Friday and see how much of a project moving the hive is going to be. I might be nice and try clearing off the patio so he can get his truck in closer, that all needs rearranging anyway. We'll see how ambitious I feel tomorrow. Right now I'm super tired. I don't know if I even have the energy to catalog my Farm Box, which was delivered while I was out.
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I didn't make it out for breakfast (it's extra hard to get out of bed when it's really cold and I was up late doing laundry last night so this morning I didn't try very hard) but I did get to Bab's for lunch. Delicious, as always. I need to figure out how to balance being frugal with taking myself out to lunch with some regularity, it's just so very pleasant and there are so many restaurants near my house that need my support. Eco-Delight closed (possibly temporarily but the note on the door mentions reorganizing their business plan, so who knows?) and while my one cup of coffee and maybe a pastry being bought slightly more frequently is probably not enough to make a difference, it reinforces that I should do what I can to keep the businesses I like open.

For dinner I had the brainwave that I could call in an order for a Restaurant Week Special to pick up and eat at home. Genius! Except for the part where I hadn't thought of it before. Of course, since I picked up the whole meal at once, my sopapilla was cold by the time I finished the taquitos and shrimp tacos, but it was still very good. Must remember that's an option when I find myself wanting beignets.

In conclusion, nom!

I also called my garage and confirmed that I could drop the Toyota off tomorrow morning to get that Check Engine Light, er, checked. It's probably due for a bunch of maintenance because I've been neglecting the hell out of it, though I haven't put many miles on it, either, so maybe it won't be too bad. I love having a garage walking distance from the house, so convenient. Anyway, that was my Responsible Adult Accomplishment of the day. 
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So, DH was in an accident in November, the week before he left for New Orleans. Car was in the shop for about a month, which is of course when the registration came do, and of course this year required a smog check. So, I paid the fees but didn't get the smog check because car was in the body shop, figured we could get it smogged once it got out, no late fees, everybody's happy.

Body shop finished up with it right before New Years, we went and got it, DH parked it on the street in front of our house because (a) it's slightly easier to get the Volvo out of the garage without the Toyota in the driveway and (b) he gets annoyed at other people parking in front of our house all the time (most of the time it doesn't matter, but when they don't leave us room to put out our garbage or keep the street sweeping from cleaning our gutter, it is pretty annoying) and gets a parking ticket for not having a front license plate. Apparently, lost in the accident. So, I figure it's not legal to drive, we put it in the driveway, and I make an appointment with the DMV to get a replacement plate.

So we go off this morning to get the plates replaced (we both went because i was not sure if we were both on the title and I wanted to make sure whoever was listed as the owner was there because it seems to me I have had trouble with that before), but apparently we can't do that until we get the smog check cleared. I said I thought we couldn't drive it  without the front plate but the DMV lady says, no, it's fine.

So, DH is at American Smog Check as recommended by our friendly neighborhood garage that doesn't do smog checks themselves. I sent him off with the Amex because I like to use the Amex for travel and transportation expenses. He just called to say they only take Visa and Mastercard.

I'm so tired of dealing with all this. The whole thing is just so stupid but I can't really see what I could have done to avoid any of it, so I can't even chalk it up to learning something. And that was the license plate that I know the number of, so i'm doing all this to make that little piece of information that I will probably never lose obsolete and useless. Yay.

And the Volvo registration is due in February, though I hope it will be far less involved.

Edited at 3 PM: Hahahahahaha, it gets better. The car has not been driven enough since its battery was disconnected, the sensors or whatever cannot accurately report to the testing whatsits. We have to put on 50 miles before we can get it smogged.
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So, we got the Toyota back from the shop, all shiny and driving great and wonderfully aligned, and only costing us our deductible. Which is great. I assume our premiums will go up next opportunity, if only because we'll lose a no accident discount, but I'm not too worried about that. Insurance prices seem so reasonable in California compared to Louisiana.

Sadly, one of the things they had to replace was the windshield, so the Brake Tag from 2005 is gone. It's a weird thing to get attached to, but I was fond of that little souvenir. Ah well, I still have the UNO parking stickers on the back window.

We didn't notice when we picked it up, but the front license plate is gone - lost, one assumes, in the crash (along with the bumper cover). Unfortunately, we discovered this by getting a ticket. I haven't seen it yet, I don't know if there is a fine, I am hoping for a fix-it ticket as that would be sensible, but if there is one it shouldn't, I hope, be too much. The more worrisome part is DH says he can't see how we are supposed to attach the plate to the front bumper, but I imagine our friendly neighborhood garage will be able to help with that. It needs to go in to get all its fluids and such checked - new engine. I can't believe how much trouble this car has been the last couple of months, but better than having to buy a whole new car somehow.

Volvo is overdue for its oil change and tire rotation and alignment, too. Next week...
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Loyal readers may remember that we had to put a new engine in the Toyota last month after it threw a rod. Did I even write about that here? I don't remember. Anyway. We were just about to take it back to the garage for its 1000 mile checkup on fluids, etc., tomorrow.

Except H got into an accident this afternoon. He and a co-worker had to go down to Fremont for the unending hell that the lab down there generates, and H drove. On the way back (presumably, I couldn't hear him that well, I will explain why when I get to that part), the car in front of him on the highway came to a complete stop, he couldn't slow down enough to avoid it and was too hemmed in by other traffic to swerve. Bashed up fender, he says. No ticket, so that's something, maybe the other guy was at fault, I don't know. CHP called a tow truck, who brought the car to some sort of storage facility in Fremont and gave H a ride to BART. He's in Richmond right now, waiting for Capital Corridor train 544 to bring him the rest of the way home. Of course, his phone was basically out of juice when the accident happened, so he couldn't call me until he got to an outlet, which was at the train station but that, unfortunately, was right under the speaker so I could hear the PA announcing delays and whatnot a lot better than I could hear H. His train should get in at 8, I might go pick him up if I am feeling benevolent (it's not a long walk to our house, but it is dark and chilly).

I guess we'll call our insurance agent tomorrow morning, and presumably go deal with the car after that. So not what I planned to do tomorrow. Oh well.


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