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So, I got busy with offline things like trying to keep my house clean and going on vacation and haven't posted in ages. For some reason, it seems easiest to try to cover the gap in reverse chronological order.

DInner tonight )might be a reprise of the first meal I cooked on my own as a kid. It's certainly a favorite of mine and it's easy, though I can't imagine I was allowed total autonomy in the chicken-browning step and I wouldn't have been able to lift the Dutch Oven, so "on my own" might not be quite accurate. Mom started off making the recipe as is, but had to double and redouble the amount of rice in an effort to have leftovers, so I like it with a higher ratio of rice to chicken than the original recipe calls for.

In other domestic news, I am crocheting my sister a sweater. This is my second sweater, the first was the same pattern that I made for myself using bits of yarn leftover from baby blankets I'd made for various friends' kids. It's possible that I look like I am wearing a baby blanket in it, but I'm happy with it. For my sister's sweater I went out and bought yarn on purpose and made a gauge swatch and everything. Which meant going to Michael's, so while I was there I also picked up some yarn to make DH some more hats and tried very hard to get more crochet thread so I can finish my lace project.

I have fallen in love with filet crochet lace. So fun, so pretty! For my first project I started a pattern from one of my books that called for size 30 white thread, but I made it with size 20 tan or ecru or natural, because that is what I had. The spool doesn't have a color name on it anywhere, but it does have the price. 45 cents. I think it was my grandmother's, though my mom tells me it could have been my great grandmother's. Unfortunately, I need two more spools to have the length of lace that would be useful and Michael's doesn't carry that size and color in any brand. I got some white in sizes 20 and 30 figuring I can dye it with tea if I can't find a better option. I don't know if I should be trying yarn stores or fabric stores or what. Suggestions welcome!

Michael's did have a thing to carry yarn in, with a drawstring top and clear sides, that has proved very handy for holding the ball of yarn without inciting the cats to attack while I pull yarn off of it. I can even crochet with a cat on my lap, which makes me a little more Miss Marple and less Dr. No, but PIxie and I are still planning on world domination.

Well, that sweaters not going to crochet itself. Next time, what I did on my winter vacation...
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Home from the NA Spiritual Co-ed Camp-out and avoiding all the post-camping chores: laundry, tent-cleaning, etc. My neighbor/contractor is taking down the northern portion of our fencing today and hopefully getting new posts put up. We're dipping into savings to pay for it, which I don't like, but that fence was put up in 1965 and really doesn't present much of a barrier for the dog. It's been keeping him in more out of his own quirky psychology than actual physical obstruction, I think. If we have shiny new fence on two sides of the yard by the end of the week, I will be happy to tighten the purse strings for a bit to rebuild the nest egg.

The camp-out was great. I was a little grumpy prior to going because a lot of our personal prep work fell to me while H did things like the work he is paid for and prep for the group as a whole. And I was nervous about spending the weekend with 200 people I'd never met. Camping with a large group is just not something I generally anticipate with pleasure - other people make noise and have bright lights on at night and impinge on my enjoyment of nature. But this was fun.

Four meetings in three days, and I helped H with his coffee commitment because, hey, what else am I gonna do while he's spending hours making coffee? That's a good way to talk to a whole bunch of people, manning the coffee urns. I realized Saturday night that I felt really safe there, and the murmur of all those conversations going on while I was falling asleep was soothing rather than infuriating. NA is not my home or my family the way it is for members, but it's a fine community to be welcomed into as a guest for a while. Being among people who are actively trying to become better is pretty uplifting.

I got quite a bit of crocheting done on a baby blanket that I guess will be for H's god-son. That idea still weirds me out. I made a blanket for the baby's older sister before she was born but I completely spaced that this one was on the way, caught up in my own dramas and whatnot. Luckily, I had started a few rows in white just to learn a stitch ages ago, and continuing that stitch will make an acceptable woobie, I think. I feel bad that the kid is getting a smallish blanket full of mistakes made out of whatever yarn I can find in my hoard that looks okay together, but probably no one else will notice all that. Or say anything, anyway.


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