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The Good: went for a run today and it was fine! No mysterious allergic reactions, kept running the whole "free running" parts of the training, even Walter was co-operative and focused, mostly. I think I'll be able to finish the Couch-to-5K training in time for my 5K! My plan is to run on all even numbered days.  I think I can still make it if I don't quite manage every one of those, but that's the goal.

The Bad: I don't think I'm going to put much effort into going to the gym. I like running outside better, I'm going to focus on that now and if I can get that down to a routine and add on the gym, I'll do that. There are only so many hours in a day and I have to spend some of them not doing anything!
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I am FINALLY getting some dumplings made. I have cauliflower leek soup simmering on the stove with the dumping dough chilling in the fridge, along with ha chicken and some ingredients to make Chicken in a Pot. We'll eat well tomorrow, and probably for a few days after since I didn't cut the recipe down any...

Freezer is good and full of baked goods. It's time to make pancakes and bagels again in a few days, and there are still some in the freezer from last time! So Operation Sourdough is looking very successful. Passover is going to throw me all off, but I'll worry about that when I have to.

Operation Eat Out on Saturdays sort of got underway. We did go out last Saturday, but the new place we wanted to go to had a 45 minute wait, so we went to the Main Street Bar and Grill, which is actually a fancier place than it sounds, French fusion, maybe? Anyway, it's been our go-to nice place, we've been there q fair amount, but they changed the menu and the decor a little bit recently, so it wasn't too same-old same-old going there. And it's alway good. We'll make reservations this Saturday, I think.

I don't mean to save up all my words and then go all tl:dr, but that seems to be how it works out... )

So, nesting is going well, I guess. I may be ready to branch out into other things soon, we'll see.
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And I've lost another 5 lbs. How, I don't rightly know. I have been reasonable diet-wise, but I haven't exercised at all the last couple of weeks. Possibly the weight was all gone by that time and I've just been maintaining, I don't know. In any case, it's fine if surprising.

The not fine thing is that after losing 25 lbs since this summer, my body fat % (according to my home scale that purports to measure it) hasn't changed at all, and my measurements haven't changed very much. I don't quite know what to do with that. I need to make an appointment for my assessment at the gym, which may clarify matters as no doubt their measurements are more accurate.

But, as soon as these dang cramps go away in a couple of days, I feel a renewed commitment to my exercise routine. I figure, after an unscheduled break, what better time to go ahead and change things up: do my weightlifting 3 times a week like I know I should rather than the 2 I've been coming kinda close to; take a yoga class that I've been thinking of trying; swim once a week, goddammit we aren't paying those dues for nothing (that is, we kind of have been, but I don't want to be!); bike at least a little every day until the distance to the grocery store is easy; walk the dog every day - he'll be happier, I'll be happier. So, that's the plan. I don't think it's too much. If it is, I'll adjust, but it's what I want to aim for. It adds up to a lot of time once you include all of the putting shoes on and getting to the gym and other ancillary times, but I've already made the decision that if other things (ie housecleaning) have to suffer in favor of me exercising, that is okay.

I've gotten little better about breakfast. I have pancakes and waffles in the freezer, ready to be toasted, so that gives me another easy option besides yogurt&granola and oatmeal. Next week I will bake some muffins.
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4.5 lbs down this month. That puts me at a lower weight than I have been for at least a year. It's a measurable difference in all of my, er, measurements - waist, bust, etc. - but I have yet to go down a size. Of course, today I am all bloated with extra menstruation weight, so maybe something that hasn't fit in a while will again, soon.

I was finally getting some consistency to my exercise routine and the this weekend I was just wiped out and barely able to stand, so I'm not sure where to aim for this week. I'm dialing it back a little bit in hopes that I won't wear myself out again, or whatever that was, but I don't want to cut back too much, either.

H sticking to a regular routine should help with that. When I know when he's doing what, I can plan when I'm doing things either with him or on my own, and I do love a plan, so I hope this trend continues.

We went from 7-days (all three meals for me, breakfast and dinner only for H) eating DietToGo down to 5 lunch and dinner. Adjusting to breakfast has been easy enough, I have a good idea of what kind of caloric levels work for me for breakfast at this point  and I've got a few stand-by meals that are generally satisfying. I really missed being able to eat out occasionally, so I'm glad to have that option back, but I'm not entirely confident that my choices for lunches and dinners off the plan are healthy ones. It's the trade-off, if I want the freedom to eat out I have to give up the certainty that the nutrition is all figured out for me. Going okay so far, I think.

I rearranged most of the living room over the last few days, and that meant moving around things in breakfast nook, as well. I think it's better. Still have to swap the piano and comfy chair, and figure out what to do with the thing H calls a divan (I think Target referred to it as a cushioned bench, it's got kind of a fainting couch aspect to it). It may fir where I want it, it may not. But I've got the crystal and purple glass on display where we can actually see it, which is nice, and the loveseat is against the wall so it won't keep sliding backwards like it used to, and I can see out the picture window while I sit on it if I just turn my head (which I didn't think would work, that's a pleasant surprise), and the rug still works, now with more room for Yoga. Seems like better chi flow.

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What was happening with me yesterday? Oh, right:

  • 13:51 So much easier to ride the bike when the back brake is not constantly engaged! And I go faster. Amazing! #fb

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When H took his cycling class on Sunday, after only a couple of hours the instructors realized that the back brake was tweaked and was constantly pressed against the back wheel, so they disengaged it completely and he just used the front brake.

After he told me that I kind of remembered the nice bike tech at REI telling me something about the back brake when they tuned it up for me, but I decided at the time that it wasn't that important (I'd dropped enough money on the tune up to not want additional work on the brakes and I wanted my bike back and I could still ride it, it just took more work, but more work just means a harder workout, right? I think that was my reasoning) and I was mostly using it on the wind trainer anyway so a little extra resistance was easy to ignore.

I had forgotten all that by the time I took it out to ride on the street and only made a mile and a quarter round trip, very slowly, and wore myself all out. Thought I was just extremely out of shape, which was not exactly wrong, but not all that accurate. We decided to take the bike down to a little used parking lot over by the boat ramp yesterday afternoon so H could practice without worrying about traffic, etc., and I rode down and back, about a mile each way, and it was like no distance at all, and I went almost twice as fast without hardly trying. Neat! I may try riding to the grocery store today, it's only 2 miles each way. I was kind of waiting until I was finished adding time to my daily dog walking to work on biking, but I'm kind of excited to try it...
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What was happening with me yesterday? Oh, right:

  • 11:14 Jaunting off to Golden Gte Park for a fe hours. #fb
  • 11:17 losing letters randomly, yay
  • 11:17 Jaunting off to Golden Gate Park for a few hours #fb
  • 20:29 Fabuous day! Walter and I walked about 5 miles while Henry rode the bike that is probably going to be his, now, for several hours. Yay! #fb
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This is the type of outing that makes me love the Nike+. Henry was learning to ride a bike (!) in a 3-hour class at Golden Gate Park, so we drove over with the bike and the dog in the back of the station wagon. Walter and ambled around aimlessly - I've only ever been there to go to something specific, concerts or museum exhibits or whatever, so aimless wandering was a new and very fun experience - and when I got home and plugged the Sportband thingy into a USB port (I just love that, it seems so secret agent or living-in-the-future to basically pull the watchface off and plug it into a computer and have actual information get transferred) it told me how far we'd walked in our ambling and how fast we'd gone and now that I am all sore on Monday morning I can at least tell myself that it's because I walked much farther than usual even though I would never have guessed that absent-mindedly wandering around could be a workout.
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What was happening with me yesterday? Oh, right:

  • 19:14 Much like Cylons, I have a plan. #fb

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It's an exercise plan, and it's mostly going back to the one I had before I thought I'd try running 3 times a week - I wasn't doing it, for one thing, and I'd rather be swimming and biking for some of that time, so, back to that. And now I don't have to feel like I ought to do something other than lift weights on my weight training days (which is what I'm most consistent about doing, oddly enough).
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I'm shifting my morning run to Sun-Tues-Thursday because there are classes at the new gym I want to take on Monday and Wednesday and it works out a little more conveniently with H's work schedule, anyway. So, I went this morning. Sort of.

First of all, I didn't want to get up at all, so I didn't until after 8. The I had a rough time getting my shoes on. That's right, putting my running shoes on was a challenge this morning. They're this tongueless wraparound design that is pretty comfortable once it's on, but a pain in the ass to actually get onto my foot. It's easier if I don't wear socks, which is why I have been experimenting with running without socks, but that only works for really really short periods of time. Like 5 minutes.

Then finding my heart rate monitor took a while, and figuring out how to carry the two iPods that are necessary for my current system since, no, none of my workout clothes have pockets,  and while the Nano clips onto a waistband ok the Touch most certainly does not.

Finally, I set off around 9, grumpy, sure it will be Too Hot, but grimly determined to get this damn workout in on schedule. The dog is happy and I have some music going, so it's not all bad. First run, I start at too fast a pace and can't keep it up for the full 90 seconds. Second run I go slower, still slow to a walk before I am supposed to. By the third run, I am ready to sit on a bench for a bit.

Walter is a sweet nonjudgmental dog and accepts that we are walking home from that point with good grace.

Which all would be much less discouraging if I hadn't had a much easier time last week. WTF, body?

On the plus side, my new sports bra worked great, is comfortable, and is even pretty, which I totally didn't expect.

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Hi, livejournal, long time now write, right? Sorry about that. I finally went to the doctor about the cough I've had for months, and after 10 days of antibiotics I feel great, so the months of  feeling like I wasn't quite right and didn't have enough energy, yeah, there was a reason for that.

So, this morning I went for a run, sort of. I decided to try the Couch to 5k program, since I found an app for the iPod touch that will tell me when to run and when to walk and started today. I took Walter with me because he could use some cardio training - he's seven years old and thinks he's a puppy, so if he won't earn to pace himself off-leash I'll try conditioning him on leash, some. I didn't get completely through it; around the halfway point had to scoop some poop instead of running, and then the last, oh, two probably, running bits I decided to walk, but we covered a mile and three quarters according to Nike+ and I'm not totally exhausted for the rest of the day, so it's a win.

It's become obvious that some form of exercise first thing in the morning sets me up for the day better than trying to fit it in later, but I've been trying to ease into the day with Tai Chi or other lowish impact stuff, and that's okay, but I feel much more energized today after running.

It's a surprise, the instant gratification of this, because, frankly, I never liked running for it's own sake. It was always something I did as part of training for something else and it has always mostly felt like a necessary chore more than a joy. And that's still true - my goal is not to be able to run for the sake of running, really, but to be in better condition to play tennis, go rollerblading, etc.
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What was happening with me yesterday? Oh, right:

  • 09:18 Should go to Costco.
  • 15:28 Went to Wild Birds instead of Costco. And now to the gym. Poor neglected Costco must suffer without me a while longer.
  • 22:34 Thoroughly enjoyed Watchmen. I think not re-reading before I saw it was the right choice.
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So I actually went swimming yesterday, which was pretty much my purpose in joining the gym, to have a pool. 6 minutes. 2 laps. HR Zone 3. It's gonna take a long time to get me up to a reasonable amount of swimming as exercise. I think the most practical thing for me to do will be to make a dedicated trip in the middle of the afternoon wearing my suit and a cover-up so I can just dash in and do my tiny bit of swimming and coming home to shower and change, stick to the treadmill when I go with DH because the timing is easier to manage that way. Fortunately, the gym is 5-10 minutes away by car, so I should be able to get over my instinctive but-I-need-to-do-at-least-two-things-while-I-am-out-and-about. I don't even know where that comes from, to be honest. And I"m certainly not up to every day, yet...
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FINALLLY got back on my bike. I got it tuned up, what, two months ago? Longer? I still haven't found my computer, and I do like my gadgets, but I'm managing ok without it. I really miss my toe clips. i may have to try clipless pedals, but I'm still afraid of them.

But, toodled around my neighborhood without falling over or crashing. Even rode on the street, which I have never liked doing (dedicated bike paths are the best, sharing with walkers and skaters and so forth also okay, but cars make me nervous) but it was really no problem. There's so little traffic around here, at least on a weekday. I'm hoping I will be able to work my way up to handling more trafficky scenarios as I up my mileage.

Felt good. I was completely unable to stay in my target heart rate zone, but I never felt like I was sucking wind or pushing myself too hard, so I'm not gonna worry about it. If I don't see improvement with regular rides, I'll worry. Didn't get overheated at all, which was a nice surprise. It's only 85, but any kind of exertion often makes me feel the heat acutely. Hooray, breeze!

The plan is to ride every day in the morning, go for a walk every evening. One day I will need more of a workout than that (I hope) but for now it will suffice.

Now if I can just manage to get the office tidied up I will be batting 1.000 for the day.

Edited at 5:51 pm: Yeah, that's not happening. Nap is more urgent.
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I dropped off my prescription for Adderall at the pharmacist two weeks ago. They told me that my insurance wouldn't cover it without a pre-authorization from my doctor, and that I should call in 24 hours to see if that had gone through. So, I call them back and they say they haven't heard anything from the doctor, I should pester her. So I call the doctor, the receptionist tells me that it takes a bunch of time for these things to go through the whole process, call back next Monday. I called back today, and a different receptionist tells me that they never received whatever the pharmacy faxes to them (at least, there's nothing in my file to indicate that they did) to start the whole process, so we are starting over from scratch today.

So frustrating.

On the upside, I walked the dog down to Bab's today, which made for a nice 20 minute walk that didn't come close to burning the calories in the cheeseburger I picked up for lunch, but still, better than not going for a walk.

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So, I decided to start exercising in May. Actually, I needed a running star, so to speak, so I got going in April, but May was my first full month. Three times a week I try very hard to keep my heart rate in the recommended zone for 45 minutes. It seems to be going fairly well - despite the 2 week Ick , I'm generally feeling better than I had been. And I did manage to keep working out through the Ick. Not as hoardcore as it sounds, that heart rate limit keeps me far from intense when I am actually sick and not just lazy.

Today I did my monthly aerobic fitness test and found I had dropped nearly three minutes off of my one-mile time while keeping my average heart rate the same, which seems good.

Unfortunately, I have also gained 2.5 pounds and added an inch to my hips. So, exercising and paying no attention to my diet is apparently not gonna work out for me.

Accordingly, trying out the Sonoma Diet. It's pretty pleasant to follow, time will tell if it's effective for me.


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