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Gained three pounds in April - not too surprising considering what a slug I was for much of it. That week long bout of whatever it was was quti ea setback. Of the various measurements, some are up, some are down.

The nice thing is, I don't feel bad about it. I'm fairly confident that getting my activity levels back up where I want them will get me results in weight loss and waist shrinkage as well. I don't even have to convince myself it's okay, it just is okay. Nifty. 
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So, this serves as a public announcement that I'm going to try to ride my bike every day this month, even if it is only a mile. I don't have a workplace to ride my bike to on Ride Your Bike to Work Day/Week, I'll try to think of a reasonable substitute.
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What was happening with me yesterday? Oh, right:

  • 13:33 Today I did 1 mi Driving. This took me 0:06:07 h. Watch it at #smartrunner:
  • 13:34 Today I did 0 mi Walking. This took me 0:14:43 h. Watch it at #smartrunner:
  • 17:32 Oh, good lord, that app is not supposed to be tweeting. How embarrassing.
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These were just short test runs, so to speak, trying to figure out if the GPS part of my phone even works. Which I guess it does, more or less, but I won't be using that app until I figure out how to turn the auto-tweet off. I don't need everyone in the world to know how slow I am!
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I think I am starting to see improvements in my resting heart rate. Today's bike ride definitely had a lower average heart rate than last time I rode the same distance over about the same time (which was Saturday, and since when I have not done anything in the way of exercising. A little walking, I guess, but just, like, going to get lunch, not Going For a Walk). Pretty sweet if it's real, because this level of exercise to maintain.
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And, just so you know it's the first of the month, here's my weight-loss progress. Actual weight loss for the month of December is, actually, zero, but no gain either, so that's fine. I wasn't really trying, other things on my mind and holiday eating and the gym was actually closed some of the time (like today, for example - I understand that they want to be able to take the day off, but surely lots of people want to go to the gym on Jan 1 to kick off all those resolutions, so I retain my surprise at the decision a bit). Home scale says the body fat % is down 4 points, which is nice however inaccurate that scale may be, and I have shrunk a bit here an there. Oddly, my calves, after staying exactly the same for months and months, went down by half an inch, which is a lot as a percentage of the calf circumference. It's possible my data gathering procedures are not robust.

Anyway, that's all okay, got back on the WiiFit horse and it was not too painful, so far 2010 is A-OK

FTR, had a quiet NYE at home watching recorded TV. Had a bit of sparkling cider at about 10 PM, forgot to refill for midnight. Counted down the final 10 seconds on the binary LED clock 
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Had my bimonthly assessment at the gym - got an all new weightlifting regimen to keep me nice and sore and got all measured up. Since I started the gym I'm down 21 pounds, 4.5% body fat, and an inch or two everywhere they measure (bunches of measurements, I couldn't keep track, really and they add all the inches off together for some reason, which doesn't mean anything to me so I don't remember it, but each one was lower than when I started). I'm not hydrated enough, at least I wasn't today. No surprise there, I accidentally left my water bottle at home and only had coffee before, but I'm trying to remember to drink more often. That's something I was much better about when I was working.

And that's after a month of not really exercising, certainly not as much as I want to. So, yay, progress!
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And I've lost another 5 lbs. How, I don't rightly know. I have been reasonable diet-wise, but I haven't exercised at all the last couple of weeks. Possibly the weight was all gone by that time and I've just been maintaining, I don't know. In any case, it's fine if surprising.

The not fine thing is that after losing 25 lbs since this summer, my body fat % (according to my home scale that purports to measure it) hasn't changed at all, and my measurements haven't changed very much. I don't quite know what to do with that. I need to make an appointment for my assessment at the gym, which may clarify matters as no doubt their measurements are more accurate.

But, as soon as these dang cramps go away in a couple of days, I feel a renewed commitment to my exercise routine. I figure, after an unscheduled break, what better time to go ahead and change things up: do my weightlifting 3 times a week like I know I should rather than the 2 I've been coming kinda close to; take a yoga class that I've been thinking of trying; swim once a week, goddammit we aren't paying those dues for nothing (that is, we kind of have been, but I don't want to be!); bike at least a little every day until the distance to the grocery store is easy; walk the dog every day - he'll be happier, I'll be happier. So, that's the plan. I don't think it's too much. If it is, I'll adjust, but it's what I want to aim for. It adds up to a lot of time once you include all of the putting shoes on and getting to the gym and other ancillary times, but I've already made the decision that if other things (ie housecleaning) have to suffer in favor of me exercising, that is okay.

I've gotten little better about breakfast. I have pancakes and waffles in the freezer, ready to be toasted, so that gives me another easy option besides yogurt&granola and oatmeal. Next week I will bake some muffins.
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Monday I did my Maximum Aerobic Function test for the month, and I have apparently backslid! An additional minute and a half per mile. I left my bottle of water sitting in the living room, though, and it was hotter than previous tests, so I'll tentatively blame the poor showing on environmental factors and hope for improvement next time. Which I may reschedule to the middle of the month rather than around the first, because it occurs to me that checking my body for signs of improved efficiency while in the throes of PMS is not the smartest possible system.

I did lose 7 lbs in the last month, and a couple inches of the waist, so that's good. I guess as long as there's improvement in one of my metrics I'm okay.

Pretty much missed the fireworks last night. We decided to try watching from out back porch, because if that had worked out it would have been so very convenient. Unfortunately, all we could see was a glimmer of color through the fully leafed branches of a large tree. Now we know. If I'm still in this house next July, we'll walk down to the water to see the pretty lights.


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