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I didn't mean to be all silent for over a week, like that. These things happen, I guess. 

Anywa, I got myself an eight-person seder meal + tzimmes and chopped liver from Whole Foods, which turns out to be well over enough food for me for a week. I think I still have a pound of chopped liver I should get int the freezer. I performed the most abbreviated seder ever using the 30-minute haggadah and abridging it further because I felt like I just read that part of Exodus recently (it might have been a couple of months ago, but it's fresh in my mind). But I got in all the wine drinking and herb dipping and invited Elijah in, which is much more observant than most of my holidays have been recently!

I haven't actually had leavened bread, yet, which is kind of peculiar. Well, the week was pretty easy as far as that went - I was aware that I couldn't go get a sandwich or make myself pancakes, but that was never a hardship. Went out to dinner with my mom on Wednesday (before seeing Anything Goes at the Willows, which was excellent, even with the last minute understudy stepping in for a major role!) and had sushi, so I even got the annual "do I eat rice?" debate with myself.

I meant to feed my starter last night so I could make bread today, but I forgot. And then this morning I discovered that the dog had messed the kitchen floor (he was scared by the train going by on his evening constitutional (I don't know what that's about, we have trains going by all day and all night and he's never been scared before) and dashed back inside and then couldn't hold it 'til morning, I presume. He's normally a very fastidious dog so I'm trying not to make him feel guilty about it) which (a) is better than the carpet, at least but (2) meant I couldn't have coffee or breakfast until I'd cleaned up. Well, I guess I could have, but ew. So, anyway, today's getting off to a slow start.

I still haven't dealt with the bees! Argh. I need to call Vernon tomorrow, and if he isn't going to come get them soon I have a line on another apiary that says specifically that they are set up to integrate captured swarms into their honey-making process safely, so they should be able to handle my hive. Part of my problem is that I don't want strangers judging the unkemptness of my backyard, but I have to just get over that. They can judge, whatever, it's not like they'll be dropping by every morning asking if I've cut back those blackberries yet.

I think I should probably make a doctor's appointment while I know my last premium check cleared, but that is a whole other post. I'll try and get those thoughts out tomorrow, and then I'll make the appointment. Saying it in public makes it more likely to happen, right?
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Hi, livejournal, long time now write, right? Sorry about that. I finally went to the doctor about the cough I've had for months, and after 10 days of antibiotics I feel great, so the months of  feeling like I wasn't quite right and didn't have enough energy, yeah, there was a reason for that.

So, this morning I went for a run, sort of. I decided to try the Couch to 5k program, since I found an app for the iPod touch that will tell me when to run and when to walk and started today. I took Walter with me because he could use some cardio training - he's seven years old and thinks he's a puppy, so if he won't earn to pace himself off-leash I'll try conditioning him on leash, some. I didn't get completely through it; around the halfway point had to scoop some poop instead of running, and then the last, oh, two probably, running bits I decided to walk, but we covered a mile and three quarters according to Nike+ and I'm not totally exhausted for the rest of the day, so it's a win.

It's become obvious that some form of exercise first thing in the morning sets me up for the day better than trying to fit it in later, but I've been trying to ease into the day with Tai Chi or other lowish impact stuff, and that's okay, but I feel much more energized today after running.

It's a surprise, the instant gratification of this, because, frankly, I never liked running for it's own sake. It was always something I did as part of training for something else and it has always mostly felt like a necessary chore more than a joy. And that's still true - my goal is not to be able to run for the sake of running, really, but to be in better condition to play tennis, go rollerblading, etc.
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That time of year again: if I have done anything to offend, please forgive me, I didn't mean to. And, hey, let me know what it was so I can not do it again.

I'm sure there has been much that I could have done and did not in the past year, and I am sorry for those omissions whether anyone out there noticed them or not. I let my world get very small lately, which I think I needed to do and in all honesty will probably not change a whole lot with any great speed, but I still regret the conversations not had.

I don't know that we will be observing Rosh Hashanah at all this year. DH has meetings to go to this evening and needs the car for work stuff today, so we won't be at services tonight and our holiday meal will not be anything special. I think I've got some apples and honey, at least. I would have to go to tomorrow's services by myself, if I were to go. I suspect I will not. I need to get the tires rotated and fill prescriptions and getting dressed up and going to services on top of that sounds like Too Much. It's unfortunate that DH's big work move is during the High Holy Days, but what can you do?

Tomorrow night we are going to see My Bloody Valentine. I have very little idea what to expect.

I had hoped to be breathing well enough to go for a bike ride this morning. Not happening, but I feel well enough to try to stay awake all day and maybe get some housecleaning done. So, improvement.

Weirdly, I made plum preserves yesterday. A week ago, we got free plums as a gift-with-purchase from the Vegetable Patch, and we were only able to eat half of them before they started shrivelling a little, so I found a recipe for preserves. It was pretty easy since I wasn't going whole hog with jars and now I feel like competent foodstuffs managing person. When we get too much fruit (as we usually do because it all looks so good) I always rationalise it by saying I will juice whatever we don't eat, or freeze it or something, but usually it ends up in the compost (which is also ok, because 'hooray, compost') but for once I have followed through.
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My seasonal environmental allergic response kicked in right on the equinox. Hooray for predictability? It took me three days of complaining to remember that there are OTC drugs made for combating this shit. DH went out and got me Mucinex D and Nasalcrom, which I think I have decided I just need to stay on year-round, trying to figure out the calendar of when to start and stop is too hard - every time I stop turns out to be too early and it takes a week of being off it to find that out and then another week of using it again before it's effective, so experimentation leads to a lot of suffering with sinuses full of fluids and stopped up ears and the oh so charming cough that sounds like a sea-lion and hurts my chest. So, continuous use.

Meanwhile, I seem to have no choicet but to put off all but the most necessary stuff. I get so tired from the smallest thing, anything that can be put off will, I'm afraid.
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I think I have decided on 2 simple changes I can make that would have a big impact on my quality of life.

As epiphanies go, this is not that exciting, I suppose, but it's pretty good for me. I think my last epiphany was along the lines of All the walls in the living room do not have to be the same color. Or possibly I don't have to paint the kitchen. Definitely paint related.

Anyway, the two things are 1) Cook for myself more often and 2) Exercise every day. Simple, right? I feel like the rest of my life is manageable enough to coast on while I concentrate on those things.

Now I just have to figure out how to implement this change and I"m onto Step 3: Profit! The complicating factor is that usually I can successfully focus on ONE thing I want to change, but I don't think I can choose between these two. They seem equally important and, like, synergistic but I'm afraid that dividing my attention will somehow empower the already strong Inertia Fairies.
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My beloved coffee betrayed me today. My second cup made me nauseous, to the point that I had to pour it down the drain. Alas. And what settled my stomach? Leftover fried chicken.

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I dropped off my prescription for Adderall at the pharmacist two weeks ago. They told me that my insurance wouldn't cover it without a pre-authorization from my doctor, and that I should call in 24 hours to see if that had gone through. So, I call them back and they say they haven't heard anything from the doctor, I should pester her. So I call the doctor, the receptionist tells me that it takes a bunch of time for these things to go through the whole process, call back next Monday. I called back today, and a different receptionist tells me that they never received whatever the pharmacy faxes to them (at least, there's nothing in my file to indicate that they did) to start the whole process, so we are starting over from scratch today.

So frustrating.

On the upside, I walked the dog down to Bab's today, which made for a nice 20 minute walk that didn't come close to burning the calories in the cheeseburger I picked up for lunch, but still, better than not going for a walk.

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So, I decided to start exercising in May. Actually, I needed a running star, so to speak, so I got going in April, but May was my first full month. Three times a week I try very hard to keep my heart rate in the recommended zone for 45 minutes. It seems to be going fairly well - despite the 2 week Ick , I'm generally feeling better than I had been. And I did manage to keep working out through the Ick. Not as hoardcore as it sounds, that heart rate limit keeps me far from intense when I am actually sick and not just lazy.

Today I did my monthly aerobic fitness test and found I had dropped nearly three minutes off of my one-mile time while keeping my average heart rate the same, which seems good.

Unfortunately, I have also gained 2.5 pounds and added an inch to my hips. So, exercising and paying no attention to my diet is apparently not gonna work out for me.

Accordingly, trying out the Sonoma Diet. It's pretty pleasant to follow, time will tell if it's effective for me.


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