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So, the ads for the Hobbit: the Part that Comes Out This Year are entrancing. I got myself onto Fandango and bought a Superticket, because I am exactly that kind of sucker, for Friday Dec 13 at 7 pm. The earlier showings I am not sure I could get to what with needing to work and all. It'll be bittersweet, a Tolkein movie  on the anniversary of meeting my dearly departed pookie. Bittersweet suits my palate lately, so that's fine. I might go try a Five Guys Burger before hand - I haven't been there and we ate at the Burger Joint in the Mission  on that fateful day . . . it makes sense to me.

Anyway, all emboldened by my ability to commit to the hobbit, I went ahead and bought a ticket to Thor for Saturday. I've been meaning to see more movies on Saturdays, and I certainly like my Avengers. And the advance word is that I don't need to bother with 3-D, which helped make the decision. I need to work in Catching Fire before too long, but I'm not sure how soon I'll be able to do that. For one thing, Alex McMurray is playing Armando's again early in December, that'll probably fill my entertainment quota for that weekend...
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After having it out from Netflix for about a month, I finally watched Inception today. My head hurts, and I'm a little dizzy. I assume it's the movie's fault. Not that I don't want to watch it again, eventually.

Boy, am I glad I didn't see it when it first was in theaters, that would have fucked me up but good.

Slightly scared of the new Batman, now...
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Theatrical Release or Extended Director's Cut? Or both? 

Update as of Jun 16 4pm - I'm fairly certain that it's the theatrical release I never saw, so I'm starting with that. It's 100º F in the shade on my patio, so I'm camping out by the swamp cooler watching movies all day. Just finished Ultraviolet (the TV series, not the movie), really enjoyed it.
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Forgot to report that I finally watched I Live in Fear, the next movie I had in my chronological watch of Akira Kurosawa. It took me a long time to get around to it because, frankly, every time I had enough time to watch a movie I would ask myself "do I want to watch something called I Live in Fear?  That's apparently about the dread of nuclear radiation?" and the answer was always "No. Not right now."

But on Saturday I finally took the plunge and while it was good (well, obviously, it's Kurosawa), I do think I was right to not watch it all those times I was feeling too fragile for it, because it is a downer. I'm not sure what to take away from it, to tell the truth. Very thinky. One thing I've discovered in this particular indulgence is that I really enjoy Kurosawa's portrayal of Japanese bureaucracy, (it's more human than I'm used to seeing, if that makes sense) and that's part of this movie.

Up next, Throne of Blood. It shouldn't take me nearly as long to get to that one. For one thing, I have seen it before, so I know what to expect.
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Made Black Sesame Cupcakes (Kurogoma Mushipan) last night. Dumpling Talk )

This is the ONLY May recipe I have made this year. Hopefully June will be a little more dumplingtastic.

One of the things we did while my sister was here was watch Seven Samurai. It's as good as everyone says it is, if you were wondering. Movie Talk )

So now I Live in Fear is next to be watched. I haven't heard a lot about that one, I'm interested to see what tone it takes. I suspect it will be more uplifting than it sounds like it should be from the title, just based on the Kurosawa movies I have watched so far.
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Spent today slowly washing some dishes and watching movies. Stray Dog and Scandal from Akira Kurosawa (working my way through everything I can find chronologically, Rashomon up next) and (500) Days of Summer. The only Kurosawa I've seen  before embarking on this was Ran, which I loved but haven't seen since it came out. Starting with the early ones that I hadn't heard of and didn't really have any expectations about was pretty interesting. Now that  I'm heading into some more famous works I expect I will want to be more careful about being fully awake and attentive when I go to watch them. Which can be a challenge. OTOH, even though I really wanted a nap partway through Scandal, it was compelling enough to keep me up and watching, so maybe that won't be so much of a problem.

I'm hitting that point where I want to stop eating, or at least cooking, so I can get my kitchen clean and keep it that way. My fridge is full of fresh vegetables and I've got a bunch of meals in the freezer (that will take a little preparation to really eat, so they don't save on cleaning as much as I would like (what I would like is completely unreasonable, but still)), so that's an even less practical solution than it usually is, but I am tempted nonetheless.

I am officially missing the Genghis Khan exhibit at the Tech. It ends tomorrow, and I'm not going tomorrow, so there it is. Oh well. Last time I went to the Tech was for H's birthday, so going back was kind of daunting, but I had hoped that I would be able to do it, because, well, Genghis Khan. So it goes.

Kitten (no name yet) seems to be settling in pretty well. She's pretty cuddly, except when she's all pouncy, and sticks pretty close to me whenever possible. Pixie and Jadzia are not pleased, but they aren't being too difficult about it; they've come in promptly for the evening gooshy food and seem to want to just stay away from the newcomer rather than wanting to wail on her.
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Merry christmas to everyone who celebrates Christmas and Happy Friday to everyone who celebrates Fridays!

Good day yesterday. I slept in a bit, had a nice soak in the tub (I meant to use a Bubble Melt but by the time I got the box o' Lush goodies unpacked enough to find the Melt, the tub was full, puttered around the house, and watched Death at a Funeral. What a strange little movie. Funny, but odd.

Headed over to my parents' in the afternoon and helped my mom finish up making dinner. We had a vegetarian "Winter Solstice Pie", which was delicious - a wintry mix of vegetables (turnips, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, mushrooms, I think some other things) in what turned ot to be a tasty vegan crust. Said crust didn't really have any structural integrity, but it sure tasted good, and we ended up just using it for the bottom of the pie so by the time we were scooping out the slices and eating it the lack of structural integrity did not matter at all. Also a fruit salad (didn't notice when we were discussing the menu beforehand that we were having veggie pie and fruit salad...) that my mom always makes for occasions - simple but yummy. Then my dad made a fire since it was NOT a Spare the Air day quite yet (today is), and we sat in front of the fire and chatted and they gave me some little gifts and my mom opened one of hers that was a collection of blooming teas - those ones that open up into a flower shape when you add hot water. So she got out a see-through teapot and we made a pot of that - white tea with peach flavor, mostly tastes like peaches but by the bottom of the pot got some tannins and tea-flavor. I had previously given my mom a train-shaped muffin tin, so she had used that to make a chocolate cupcake train, which was very cute and also tasty. Also lime pudding, made of the limes from her backyard, so good.

Henry's flight was delayed a bit by weather, not as bad as it might have been, but we had some extra time before I needed to leave to pick him up. So we played a few rounds of Geographic Pursuit, which sounded cumbersome and comlicated when we read through the rules, but was actually quite fun. Mom won by a lot.

I went and picked up Henry, leaving the airport with him and his bags around 11:30. Traffic was not bad getting home, but we were both hungry so we went in search of an open fast-food restaurant. Poor guy at Jack-in-the-Box was still working and provided us with sustenance, which we brought home and ate while watching the season premiere of Scrubs (my DVR is quite full...), and then blessed sleep.

We'll be off to see Sherlock Holmes pretty soon, and then Avatar the IMAX 3D Adventure this afternoon. With luck, there will be someplace handy to the theater to have lunch at in between (how's that for ending with prepositions?)

It is nice to have the Henry home. Now I have to adjust to sharing the comforter again, but my breakfast and coffee just appeared for me this morning, and that's always nice. I've gotten some good leads on working through our Stuff - Behavioral Couples Therapy and Interpersonal Neurobiology both sound excellent. I hope we can find practitioners that are not too far away. After the holidays, no doubt.

Walter is very happy to have both his monkeys back. The cats seem pleased as well, though they are less demonstrative about it.
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What was happening with me yesterday? Oh, right:

  • 10:08 Trying to summon enough energy and motivation to go to the movies. Too many things I want to see to let the weekend go movieless.

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And yet, no movie. I was just really tired all weekend - slept a lot yesterday. i hope this is not the stipid cough that wouldn't die coming back to take over my life.

We'll try to hit an earlyish movie when H works from home this week - looking to see District 9, I think.


Apr. 1st, 2007 12:00 am
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DH and I went and saw Zodiac tonight. That makes 3 movies in three weeks, awesome!

Beforehand we went to Red Lobster because LobsterFest has been seducing me for weeks. It wasn't so great, but it wasn't bad, either. We had to go out to the wilds of Pittsburg, which is incidentally one of the places we might possibly be able to afford to move to, so it was an opportunity to scope the place out. It's not terribly appealing - it seemed bereft of trees and with a high concentration of chain everythings in enormous conglomerations of stripmalls. Though, come to think of it, I think we were technically in Antioch. In any case, not in love with the area. However, it didn't suck so much that we couldn't stand living in a "starter home" there for a few years, probably. Real estate, man, it's crazy.

Zodiac I really enjoyed. I came out of it surprised at how long I had been ion the theater - always a good sign. It was a strange combination of creepy and nifty seeing all the familiar locales. The sites of the first two murders are very close to where I live; Columbus Parkway is three exits down the 780 from me, and Lake Hermann is one exit in the other direction. We camped at Lake Berryessa often when I was a kid. So that gave me some shivers early on. I was a little concerned that the unresolved nature of it would stress me out (true crime stories can make me a little paranoid), but that, for whatever reason, doesn't seem to be the case. Whew.

I have to wonder how it is to see that movie if you aren't here. Knowing where everywhere is and how physically far apart the various sheriffs and police departments are definitely contributed to my enjoyment in a big way.

I didn't really think about it while I was watching, but it  seems like a very different movie for Fincher (who I love). Which is cool, also.

Hey, I'm devolving into not making much sense. Time to go to bed.


Mar. 21st, 2007 10:44 am
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Went to the movies last night and saw 300. I didn't love it; for some reason, I just couldn't quite believe in it. Once I accepted that my disbelief was refusing to suspend, it was enjoyable enough.

Anyway, I have been earwormed with that Sting song, Children's Crusade, since I started seeing th ads. Last jight driving home, I finally got the chorus all filked:

The children of Sparta
Will never be slaves
At Thermopylae
They're dying in waves
The flower of Hellas
Face down in the mud
And stained with the blood
Of the whole Persian army

The verses are too much for me, but at least I don't have the chorus nagging at me anymore.


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