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What was happening with me yesterday? Oh, right:

  • 10:26 Waiting for Phish downloads to be available again and nursing a headache
  • 11:23 Downloads possibly successful (have to listen to everything to be sure, of course) but headache won't go away.
  • 18:13 Cat of unknown origin wandered into the kitchen and started noshing dog food while Pixie watched, apparently helpless to interfere.
  • 21:16 Weird number of reverences to juice boxes in this weeks recorded TV.Makes me thirsty for Cuke (TM)
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It is so weird to be able to listen to Phish shows the day after they happen when I wasn't there. so very weird. Are there still tapers or is it all Live Phish in this brave new world?

Sinuses complained all day yesterday, but I feel much more normal today. We'll see how that goes, I guess.
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My iBook screen isn't backlit anymore. We are debating whether we will get it fixed, upgrade to a shiny new MacBook, or go all Steampunk and retrofit it with candles. I'm all prouf of myself for installing VNC server on it with the aid of a flashlightos I could retrieve my all important bookmarks of things thath aren't available via RSS.

DH and I went to Global Drum Project up at UCDavis last night. It was, predictably, fantastic. The Mondavi Center is gorgeous. The guy at the end of our row recognized my "Math is Delicious" shirt as Questionable Content, which never happens (the girl at will-call liked it, too, but because she's a math major). This is my second trip to Davis in 7 days, I feel all proprietary about it, now. Of course, now I probably won't be back for ages. Unless we end up going to see Laurie Anderson. If only the yarn store was still open. Without that, my only real Davis destonation is the Co-op, and it'll take some considering before I decide whether or not it's worth while to travel up there for anything they carry.

So very not fatsing. We had In-n-out after the show last night, and just considering fasting is making me queasy today. Not happening.

Last Tuesday we went to My Bloody Valentine. I wouldn't have gone on my own, but their one of DH's core musical loves so there was never really any question. We got there while the first opener was playing, the kind of ambient electronica stuff that I enjoy hearing live but would never choose to listen to at home. Spent their whole set in the merchandise line, we needed to get a Loveless shirt to replace the one DH had swiped from his college roommate years before. And get one for us, of course, since the swiped one has since disintegrated or perhaps just hidden itself well. We got up reasonably close for Spectrum, which was good stuff. When I think of Sonic Boom, I think of that Speak-and-Spell EAR  thing he did, and I LOVED that so much. This was nothing like that, really, but it was good. MVB was like a force of nature, this huge assault of sound that you just have to hope you survive. Exhilerating. DH decided not to wear earplugs so he could compare this show to last time he saw them. He's an idiot, sometimes.

The rest of the week has been filled with me feeling poorly and complaing abou it, or me trying to catch up on all the stuff that I let slide while I wasn't well. That continues, alas.
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That time of year again: if I have done anything to offend, please forgive me, I didn't mean to. And, hey, let me know what it was so I can not do it again.

I'm sure there has been much that I could have done and did not in the past year, and I am sorry for those omissions whether anyone out there noticed them or not. I let my world get very small lately, which I think I needed to do and in all honesty will probably not change a whole lot with any great speed, but I still regret the conversations not had.

I don't know that we will be observing Rosh Hashanah at all this year. DH has meetings to go to this evening and needs the car for work stuff today, so we won't be at services tonight and our holiday meal will not be anything special. I think I've got some apples and honey, at least. I would have to go to tomorrow's services by myself, if I were to go. I suspect I will not. I need to get the tires rotated and fill prescriptions and getting dressed up and going to services on top of that sounds like Too Much. It's unfortunate that DH's big work move is during the High Holy Days, but what can you do?

Tomorrow night we are going to see My Bloody Valentine. I have very little idea what to expect.

I had hoped to be breathing well enough to go for a bike ride this morning. Not happening, but I feel well enough to try to stay awake all day and maybe get some housecleaning done. So, improvement.

Weirdly, I made plum preserves yesterday. A week ago, we got free plums as a gift-with-purchase from the Vegetable Patch, and we were only able to eat half of them before they started shrivelling a little, so I found a recipe for preserves. It was pretty easy since I wasn't going whole hog with jars and now I feel like competent foodstuffs managing person. When we get too much fruit (as we usually do because it all looks so good) I always rationalise it by saying I will juice whatever we don't eat, or freeze it or something, but usually it ends up in the compost (which is also ok, because 'hooray, compost') but for once I have followed through.
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I just looked at the Coachella lineup. For this weekend. When there's no way I can go.

I was much happier not knowing what I'll be missing.
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On my way back and forth to Fairfield to pick up my prescription (which I did not, in fact, pick up because my insurance won't cover it but my doctor may be able to talk them into it or switch to something else that they will cover, I don't know, so I'm waiting to see what happens) I got some excellent tunage over the airwaves. Including:

  • Marc Cohn, Walking in Memphis
  • A nice version of Shakedown Street
  • Live and Let Die, my favorite bond theme
  • Some Elvis Costello
  • Under Pressure, which has turned into a sentimental favorite ever since I impressed the hell out of DH one airport run in the wee hours of the morning by coming in on all the non-word vocal bits right with Freddie (or David, I'm honestly not sure who sings what). It's not something i could do if I tried, I'm sure, but it's nice when it happens.


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