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I want to sing that to the School House Rock "Interjection!" tune but I can't come up with more lyrics than that. Not that that stops me, I can hum, but it's not like I can type that out for y'all's amusement.

Anyway, Curiosity made it to Mars, yay. And I am pleased about it but not, you know, exclamation point-y. Which feels wrong.

And I'm not, on the whole, watching the Olympics. Partially because my preferred method for watching the Olympics has always been to just turn on the coverage and watch whatever obscure event happens to be on and the way NBC is broadcasting does not lend itself to that. When I try, I might get a few minutes of something interesting and then commercials, which I have largely forgotten how to tolerate in the age of the DVR. Or I might get a human interest story, which I have never had much tolerance for. But also, I seem to be having a problem with actually being enthusiastic rather than just theoretically seeing that enthusiasm is appropriate and that's a bummer.

OTOH, normal reactions to normal events seem to be on the upswing, so that's good. And watching the Saints is still emotionally involving, in part because that is supposed to taste like ashes, a little.

Have you ever noticed how epiphanies sound dumb and/or obvious when you try to explain them? Like, everyone knew that already. You even knew that already, but now you really get it so you still want to talk about it. Not that that is what's going on with me right now, exactly, but it's come up for me before and occurred to me again and I'm in a sharing mood, I guess.
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Not so traumatically this episode as the first one, but oh, the resonance! It's Nate's line after they return the chip, "Sometimes when you lose something [blah blah blah, I know there's no way I would be able to actually quote it accurately, there were kind of a lot of words] forget how to live." And he's talking moral compasses and whatnot, which I am not, particularly,  but that is a phrase I use in my head all the time, especially when describing what takes up so much of my time and seems so much like doing nothing: thinking about how to live. I don't like to say it out loud because it sounds so pretentious and abstract and philosophical and the reality is not that at all, but I haven't found a better way to put it.

I have altogether too much freedom, is the thing. The other day, someone I know said something about running away to Fiji and I realized - I could easily do that. It would not be hard, at all. Of course, I have nothing in particular to run away from, either, so it's not so attractive an option. But there are so very many options and very little in the way of reasons to choose between them.

Which is to say, no conclusions reached. I have yet to define the problem, much less determine the solution. Perhaps there is no problem, and in that case I have no idea how to proceed.
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So, hey, there is actually good stuff in my life, but, sorry, gentle readers, you don't get to hear about that right now. You get the stuff I have to get out of my head RIGHT NOW before it eats up too many neurons.

As always, tl:dr self-involved navel-gazery )

And hey, great, right after I post that the mail comes with a package from Prudential. Hello, thing I absolutely have to deal with and really don't want to! Goodbye equilibrium, you were pleasant while I had you.
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So, I have an awful lot of physical things that need sorting - H's stuff, the boxes we still haven't unpacked (having a shed that's bigger than any of the rooms inside the house really lowers the pressure to unpack), and I have this sense that I need to rearrange the whole house to better suit a solitary occupant. But i'm spending a lot more time on the mental sorting. I thought I'd throw some of those thoughts up here and maybe get them out of my head, make room for new thoughts.

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Got all thinky, typing it out to get it out of my head. Behind the cut to spare you my disjointed ramblings.

This makes less sens than I hoped )


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