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My doctor called me last night to tell me that (a) my prescription was finally approved by my insurance company and (b) I needed to go see a hematologist (actually, she asked me what the hematologist said, as she had left me a message back in November saying I needed to go see one, but that was when I was moving and wherever she left said message, it didn't get to me) . I'm taking care of (b) next week, I'm expecting my "borderline high platelet count) to turn out to be nothing, though if it explains the general run-down feeling I've had for what seems like forever at this point, that would be nice.

Th prescription is for Adderall to see if it helps with my attention problems. Since this is my first prescription of the new year, I had to pay a whopping great co-pay to cover the deductible, so I brought my hand-dandy HSA checkbook with me, with a check pre-signed by my husband since my name isn't on the checks and I am not absolutely positively sure that there is a card in someone's file somewhere saying that I am an authorized signer on this account (we sent in the form, but thath's all I really know). All that is fine with my friendly neighborhood pharmacist, but her register requires my husband's driver's license number, which I don't have. Which is when I realize that I don't my cell phone with me. So she offers to call my husband and I go to grab his business card out of my wallet which, wait for it, is not in my purse.

So, I leave my signed check at the register, my cart full of groceries next to the pharmacy counter and dash home (without, of course, my own driver's license, which always stresses me out once I am, you know, aware of driving without a license), get phone and wallet, drive back to store, call husband and actually reach him, yay, and all is well.

I'm pretty sure the pharmacists are all convinced that I need this stuff, whatever the insurance company thinks.

In non-medical news, today is Tu b'shvat, the New Year for Trees. It's a way monor holiday that doesn't require any sort of observance, but I like to plant a tree. Because any excuse to plant a tree is good. It's grey and rainy and a work day for DH, so I don't know if I will actually put anything in the ground today, but yesterday we planted an orange tree (Washington Navels) and a strawberry tree, so eventually we will have oranges and some screening of glare from the setting sun.  Our Henry Lauder's Walking Stick, which is just decorative but really neat looking, awaits it's hole, but is getting a lot of water to drink meanwhile.

Arbor Day

Apr. 13th, 2007 09:31 am
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I don't know when Arbor Day is. I thought it was earlier in the year, but 30 Rock mentioned it as an upcoming holiday in April, so maybe it actually is. Who knows?

Regardless, I might need to go plant a tree today and I don't know what to wear.

My grandma died in 2005 - September, when everything sucked and I was in that weird calm place that crises put me and awash in early pregnancy hormones and her memorial service was extremely surreal. She was cremated, but nobody knew what to do with the ashes. We are not the urn keeping type, my family. Grampa got scattered up at his ranch in Dixon; I don't know what happened to Great-Grandma's remains but they aren't on anyone's mantle.

When my grandparents built their dream house they put the deck around an enormous old oak. Eventually, the tree died and had to be taken down, but they kept the stump and Grandma had bunches of pictures of the old tree. When she divided that land and built a smaller house for herself she made the builders flag every tiny oak tree on her property so they could make an effort to avoid crushing them.

So, we are planting her an oak. We're putting it in Strenzel Meadow, over by John Muir's grave. It'll be above the creek that my parents have moved and been managing in an effort to reduce flooding on the street below, and near a big old oak. It'll be of a type that doesn't carry Sudden Oak Death, and we'll put Grandma's ashes beneath it.

Circle of Life. Best we can do.

I don't have an outfit for that. Grandma would have been overdressed in a skirt and heels, but I don't think that will work for me. We think it will not be muddy, it hasn't rained in a couple of days, but it's not a manicured lawn and I will be doing some digging.

Something that fits, something that's clean. Best I can do.


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