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 So that's, like, half of yesterday's to-do list more or less done after two days. That's not bad.

I was supposed to get my haircut today. I was weirdly nervous about it, thinking about how I'd tell Amy who cuts my hair what happened, or if I even would. I ended up waiting for 25 minutes after my appt time and decided to bail, partially because I had also forgotten to bring a magazine or iPod or anything and 25 minutes of just waiting was plenty. And Amy just called and offerred me a free conditioning or waxing or something to make up for it. I feel bad for making her feel bad about it - it's so not a problem that she ran long, I just don't want to bother with any of that right now. I am still trying to work out if moisturizing is worth the effort, and it takes two minutes at home

Before that, Mom came by and we went to lunch and she helped me with some yard work. That was nice.

My cunning plan to mix up a batch of 2-egg quickbread batter (4:1 sourdough starter:egg by weight, plus a teaspoon of baking powder/egg, maybe some sugar if I remember) early in the week and use it for several days breakfast is working out pretty well so far. Pancakes yesterday, waffles today, I think muffins tomorrow which will probably use it up  - though it will also produce more than one breakfast's worth of muffins, I suspect.
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What was happening with me yesterday? Oh, right:

  • 11:02 Kitchen is as clean as it's been in a long time. I have to adandon it, alas, for the laundry situation is much more desperate.
  • 13:48 New Ellery Queen vs folding clothes. Hm.
  • 16:49 Hope that the cats will figure out how to get through the cat door when it is not propped open with a binder clip is fading fast.
  • 22:17 I don't know if I can stay awake long enough for my husband to come home, much less to watch BSG. So sleepy.
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That's right, the only dishes that need washing are in the dishwasher (or from breakfast, which is technically still going on). I am tempted to do all the rearranging of cupboards that I keep thinking about. We shall see.

i put an acrylic sheet with a cat door insert up on the window the cats use in December, I think. They've never had a cat door before, so I prop it open with a binder clip. At first I had it gaping very wide, but now it is just barely open. i tried eschewing the clip entirely yesterday and really confused the cats. Poor Pixie even went so far as to poke at it with her nose and it didn't budge, so it's hardly their fault.

I have started to suspect that Kara Thrace is BSG speculation behind the cut )
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That time of year again: if I have done anything to offend, please forgive me, I didn't mean to. And, hey, let me know what it was so I can not do it again.

I'm sure there has been much that I could have done and did not in the past year, and I am sorry for those omissions whether anyone out there noticed them or not. I let my world get very small lately, which I think I needed to do and in all honesty will probably not change a whole lot with any great speed, but I still regret the conversations not had.

I don't know that we will be observing Rosh Hashanah at all this year. DH has meetings to go to this evening and needs the car for work stuff today, so we won't be at services tonight and our holiday meal will not be anything special. I think I've got some apples and honey, at least. I would have to go to tomorrow's services by myself, if I were to go. I suspect I will not. I need to get the tires rotated and fill prescriptions and getting dressed up and going to services on top of that sounds like Too Much. It's unfortunate that DH's big work move is during the High Holy Days, but what can you do?

Tomorrow night we are going to see My Bloody Valentine. I have very little idea what to expect.

I had hoped to be breathing well enough to go for a bike ride this morning. Not happening, but I feel well enough to try to stay awake all day and maybe get some housecleaning done. So, improvement.

Weirdly, I made plum preserves yesterday. A week ago, we got free plums as a gift-with-purchase from the Vegetable Patch, and we were only able to eat half of them before they started shrivelling a little, so I found a recipe for preserves. It was pretty easy since I wasn't going whole hog with jars and now I feel like competent foodstuffs managing person. When we get too much fruit (as we usually do because it all looks so good) I always rationalise it by saying I will juice whatever we don't eat, or freeze it or something, but usually it ends up in the compost (which is also ok, because 'hooray, compost') but for once I have followed through.
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Took a look at Google Chrome. It's pretty appealing.

i'm an unsophisticated browser user. I started with Mosaic, of course, and stuck with it for a long time because it was all my underpowered machines could handle, and I've been consistently partisan to Safari since OS X debuted, but I couldn't tell you why. I just know it makes me a little grumpy when I have to use Firefox because some site doesn't play nice with Safari. though the latest version of Firefox has overcome all my specific objections (save one that's Mac specific and extremely minor) and I actually just set it to be my default browser on my laptop this morning. But I like the cut of Chrome's jib.

I already use GoogleTalk and gmail and Google Reader and Google Documents. I welcome our Google Overlords, generally, but I'm still uneasy. What if Google, as my DH puts it, ascends and leaves everything unsupported? What then?

One of my more baseless and abstract worst-case scenarios, I think.
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  • My Nike running shoes, which means I have my Nike+ sensor again, which means no more excuses for not doing the walking and running portion of my "training program", such as it is.
  • The tents I was actually looking for. I need to set them up and make sure all the pieces are there by day after tomorrow.
  • All the pieces (I think) of the cats' old fountain. Which I replaced with a newer, shinier, higher volume one. So now I need to figure out what to do with the old one, which is a bit dirty but looks like it will clean up just fine and is not as ratty as I was remembering.
  • Only the thin super light-weight Thermarests, not the comfy thick ones. Rats.
  • Sonoma Diet book that I said I would go back to following if I came across it. Need to get on that.
  • internal frame backpack that might fit my mom if we get another hip belt.
  • A really nice duffel bag that I don't recall ever seeing before
  • Instructions for the crocheting project I started about 3 years ago. It makes waiting for web pages to load so much easier to take if I can crochet a few stitches in the meantime.
  • Two iPod accessories I had fruitlessly looked for previously
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I've seen nearly 80% of EW's Top 100 movies of the last 25 years. Pretty good! Those I missed will be behind the cut. I can't see much of a pattern in them, mostly they were things I meant to see but didn't get to. Crumb I actively avoided, but I think that's the only one.

Started a Tai Chi "class" (it's practically one-on-one instruction) through the city Rec Dept. last night. Yay!

The city fireworks are set off across the water well positioned so that I can sit on my porch in a rockng chair watching the pretty explosives. Not bad at all.

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Seeing Sharon Gless on Burn Notice was so great, it makes me madder at Nip/Tuck for wasting her.

ION, no disasters today! That I know of, anyway.
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I don't think there is any upper limit to the amount of Ray Davies's music I can listen to happily.
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Happy Solstice!

Time to flip the mattress. When I bought this mattress, it came with instructions to flip it four times a year and to alternate fliipping it lengthwise and sideways to work through all teh orientation permutations. So I flip it lengthwise on the solstices and sideways on the equinoxes.

A bunch of people are doing "what i've been up to for the last 20 years" posts on a mailing list I'm on, since many of us haven't been in contact for about that long. I am finding myself completely unable to approach the task. I lived a lot of different places, worked many different jobs, and a bunch of stuff happened to me, but I can't put it all together with any sort of narrative structure. Theater of the Absurd, perhaps, but that would don't know that I can sufficiently commit to that. I feel like Homer Simpson at the end of the episode where they somehow acquired the giant Easter Island heads "It's just a bunch of stuff that happened." Not worth making those people read through, you know?

I think I am still in my post-crisis funk; everything is fine and therefore I don't know what to do with myself. And everything being fine means I have no good stories, because fine=boring, crises are exciting.

ION, I'm finally going to fill my Adderall prescription, so maybe that will help with the ennui and aimlessness as well as the perpetual attention difficulties. Could happen.
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Every time I use my coffee grinder, shaking it like a martini per America's Test Kitchen's advice, I get earwormed with the Beatles' Revolution.

Sometimes, living in my head is fun.


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