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 So, let me start out by saying that I am home and fine.

I spent yesterday at the ER. Gory details within )
Whatever it was, spending all day on painkillers and anti-nausea meds and basically sleeping all day in between tests seems to have taken care of it. I have a little pain, but it's SO MUCH less, and a different quality, more like bruised and sore. I've got more anti-nausea stuff, which I plan on taking every 4 hours until I run out, and vicodin, which I'm going to try only taking at night in hopes that I will actually be able to do things other than sleep during the day. Clear liquids until I feel up to eating. I expect I'll know that when I see it. I guess I need to go see my PCP this week for following up

Mom spent the night on my love seat, just in case, and washed all my dishes (to have something to do while I dozed, I expect) and made me some jello and went out and got me ginger ale and beef broth, so I have a variety of sustenance.
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Having a head cold always makes me want to filk Tom Waits.

It seems to also lead me to have a second cup of coffee, because it's hot, and right there, and not necessarily full of dairy, and did I mention sitting right there? DH is working from home today, had to be ready for a conference call with Ireland at 6AM,and another with someone else at 9AM. when I finally made the coffee at 9:30, it was just in time  for him to go take a nap, so I've got the full carafe taunting me.

I have recently been having one cup of coffee and one cup of black tea in the morning, I don't think the chock of having two full cups of coffee will mess me up too much, but I'd best remember not to have anymore...

<i>..feel like I could sleep all day...</i>

Ok, not so much filk as just sing along with, mostly.


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