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Dec. 7th, 2010 08:21 pm
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How's that for a nondescript subject? My brain is not working very well, so this is what you get.Assorted Things: A Numbered List )
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 It's been a sort of busy few days. It's a lot of words for a couple of days )

Indulging my laziness today. I may do some laundry, but so far I've really done nothing, and it's nice.


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Made it to the DMV on time. Successfully transferred the title of the Volvo - it's a paperless title, that's why I couldn't find anything. The Toyota is more complicated. Even though I have a title, it was issued by Louisiana and California doesn't care about it. But it was in both of our names, so I think it doesn't matter. She said once everything goes through probate I'll be able to get a clear title, but I have no idea what to expect about that. I won't try to sell it, I guess. I've never sold a car before, so I am okay with not starting now - my way is to drive each car into the ground and then donate it to someone who will tow it away. It's a bit silly for me to own two cars at this point, but it doesn't cost me much and having the hauling capacity of the station wagon in reserve might come in handy.

Got my affidavit notarized and mailed off with another death certificate enclosed - I only put one stamp on the one I mailed last week and sending this packet cost the equivalent of 3, so the redundancy might be justified. Then I went to the drugstore and decided to postpone Social Security. They are, as their phone message helpfully reminds me, busiest early in the  month and early in the week, so I can say the delay is practical. Really, I'm just tired of being out and about.

I have to go out again at some point today, the cats are out of food. Neighbor cat came into the house, ate up a bunch of their food, and spilled the rest when he fled. Grr. He actually seems like he's probably someone's sweet pet, but my house is not his territory, dammit.

Right, paying bills, that was the real reason I stopped running errands, I have no money in my checking account. I better get on that.
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I've got an appointment with the DMV tomorrow morning to make sure the titles of our cars are both in my name. I think the Toyota was both of us (Henry listed first, of course, it's the same way on our house) and the Volvo was just in Henry's name because the guy we bought it from thought putting two names down was confusing. And I need to get my beneficiary form notarized for Prudential, and I figure I might as well enclose a death certificate just in case the one I already sent doesn't make it to them for whatever reason. And since I'm out doing all that, I might as well go by Social Security and do whatever I need to do there - waiting until someone can see me, i'm sure of, what else I don't know. 

So I've been gathering up every document I think I might need - death certificates, marriage certificate, my birth certificate, Henry's Naturalization certificate (I don't have a birth certificate for him, I don't think he had one), the title for the Toyota (I don't see a title for the Volvo, I'll have to look for it later. I do have the title for the Tercel that got destroyed. I'm sure that will serve no purpose ever, but it looks very official so I just keep filing it) and my driver's license. That should cover it, right?

Today is my dad's birthday and he wanted to go check out the new Bee Haven in Davis, so we leave for that in about an hour. 
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Cut-tags, nothing but cut-tags!

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Which is why I wasn't posting, I guess. I was busy. But good!busy.

The future )
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Yesterday was a really good day. it was Tu b'Shvat, Jewish Arbor Day, and a day that the Friends of Alhambra Creek were planting at Strenzel Meadow, so we got to plant an oak and a buckeye. We had hoped to plant some more trees, but there was a huge turnout and everything got planted really fast. Very cool for the meadow.

We were allowed to bring Walter, our Border Collie mix, with us and he had a wonderful time herding the student volunteers and running up and down the creek bed. While the kids stamped down some dry mustard, DH and I climbed the East Bay Regional Park trail that runs from the Meadow over to Mount Wanda. About halfway up the hill, DH had to go back to the car to get something and Walter went with him, and we entertained ourselves for a while calling him back and forth between us, making him run th entire length of the meadow and halfway up the hill. He's still tuckered from that.

After that we had a pleasant afternoon in downtown Benicia - lunch and strolling on First, then browsing at the library. Very fun.

And when we got home, the next disc of the Wire was waiting for us, woo-hoo!

Today was just a lazy day full of junky food and wacky football. Recorded the Puppy Bowl so if I ever need an extra dose of fuzzy cuteness I have it at the ready.

I was getting antsy about my passport coming - I applied for a new one early in December and paid for "routine processing" only since the 6-8 weeks it was estimated to take still left at least a week before my trip (we leave on 2/8), but it hasn't gotten here yet. Every time I checked the status online, the date I was expected to receive it got pushed back - when I first thought to check it it said 1/30. When that passed with no passport, I checked again and was told 2/1. After that came and went, I was told 2/7, but still that my passport was in "final processing", the same thing it had said the previous times. So I was starting to think I might never see it. But yesterday I got the magical "your passport has been mailed" message with an estimated arrival date of 2/7. Cutting it mighty fine, but since it's apparently coming from SF, I'm fairly certain it will actually make it to me before I have to leave for the airport. Yay.


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