Jun. 8th, 2012 01:56 pm
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So, one of the things I did while I was in Portland was order about two pounds of tea. It seemed like a reasonable thing to do at the time. No, I can explain further than that: my sister frequents this tea emporium Jasmine Pearl  and I mentioned that I wanted to taste and purchase some loose leaf teas because I didn't have any, so we were going to visit the shop and do that. But they were closed the entire time I was there, an employee retreat or something. But there's a restaurant, Jade Bistro Teahouse & Patisserie, that carries many of their teas, so we went there for dinner and everyone obligingly got different pots of tea so I could try a variety. And my sister had a cupboard full, of which I tried a few. Of course, I liked everything I tried. I didn't buy EVERYTHING I tried, but a couple of black, a couple of green, a couple herbal, 4 oz each, it adds up fast. And then there were a couple of things I wanted to get 2 oz of to see if I liked them, that Jade hadn't had but which sounded really appealing (notably the GABA Green which sounds crazy so of course I must try it).

The shipment came today and is a small box for how much money it cost, but my Tea Management App tells me it's make nearly 300 cups of tea, which makes it seem like more of a bargain. And they threw in two samples - Bombay Breakfast (which sounds delightful, all the spices I like plus rose) and Licorice Green, which I am trying right now. My first thought with anything licorice is "do I like licorice? I don't think I do", but it's actually quite nice and refreshing. Not so nice that I must have more of it, but I do like it as a summer tea. I bet it would ice up well.
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Or in stock, anyway. Sometime in the dim and distant past, Republic of Tea came out with a bunch of teas with Jerry Garcia artwork on the tins, which DH and i gave as gifts to everyone in our families, keeping the Jerry Cherry Tea for ourselves. I really like it, and it was a limited edition, so once I got down to having just a few bags left I've been loath to use them up since I knew I couldn't get more, while at the same time worrying that they would be losing their tastiness sitting in the cupboard. For some reason I checked the Republic of Tea website the other day and four that they have refills available, again for a limited time, so I ordered a couple of packs (and browsed through their other teas but, wow, too many options for me to do a little impulse shopping!). Hooray! And, knowing I had replacements on the way, I went ahead and brew up one of the bags I had on hand and it was still delicious.

On an unrelated note, I got behind in my dumpling making, partially due to Passover, so to catch up I made two Tibetan recipes yesterday: Shogo Momo (Wheat Dumplings Stuffed with Turmeric-stained Potatoes) and Sha Momo (Wheat Dumplings Stuffed with Beef and Onion). Yum! The dough is pretty much the same as the Ting Momo that I liked so much, but without the leavening and rolled out like won ton wrappers. I didn't do a great job of rolling it out - between taking on a doubled recipe and my inherent inability to judge when dough is 1/8" thick, results were uneven, and having the dough floury enough to handle but sticky enough to seal up around the fillings continues to be a tricky proposition. But neither of those was a big problem. My finished dumplings don't look quite right, but  they taste fine. The fillings are delicious - the beef is mixed with ginger and garlic and green onions so it's like having the flavorings that often go in dipping sauces inside the dumpling, and the potato is basically turmeric mashed potatoes. It tickles me to have a meat and potatoes meal that is entirely Tibetan dumplings. Tasty and filling. Oh! This was my first time using the layer of lettuce leaves in the steamer pot technique (hard to believe that that hasn't come up before, it's so common!), so, nice to have that under my belt. I'm still a little behind dumpling-wise, so I'll probably do another two-fold recipe next time.

On Wednesday I went to the Western Railway Museum with my folks to take the wildflower excursion. It was a beautiful day, not a lot of wildflowers (there's been plenty of rain but not a lot of sun lately and those flowers are so picky about weather conditions!) but plenty of nice scenery. As we poked around the gift shop afterwards, I couldn't help but think "On an unrelated note, I'm into trains now" while looking over the striped engineers caps for sale...
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This is such a first world problem that it isn't even really a problem except that it is taking up all this brainspace, so maybe if I write it out that'll help.

Seriously, this is of no interest to anyone except my brain gerbils )

So straightforward. Why is tea so much more complicated?


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