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Got over to my folks' house about noon, yesterday. Traffic was not a problem, though it looked awful going the other direction. Put together the Turkey Stew with Stuffing Dumplings, which turned out delicious. The stew is turkey, sweet potatoes, chicken stock, and some herbs and spices, basically. Delicious. And the dumplings are leftover stuffing bound together with a little egg and flour, simmered in water and then simmered in the stew. So good. My mostly vegetarian parents liked it, too.

The Cranberry Pudding we put together using olive oil instead of butter and egg replacer instead of eggs and that didn't work great. It was still pretty delicious (a molasses-y batter and cranberries is not a combination I would have thought to our together, but it turned out very tasty!), but didn't hold together when it came time to unmold.

Mom roasted brussel sprouts with walnuts and garlic, and butternut squash, and made a beet and orange salad. Altogetehr not our typical Thanksgiving Day spread, but a festive one, and we were all pleasantly full to watch football and Punkin Chunkin - we flipped over during the lull between the Dallas game and the 49ers and soon found ourselves rooting for particular teams/events (the guys who measure how far the pumpkins have flown are our favorites, I think)

I left the pudding leftovers with mom and dad, and there was no pumpkin pie, and I am missing having dessert for breakfast today. I have sufficient ingredients for pumpkin pie, but I am feeling very lazy. To wit, I am out of coffee and dry cat food, so I am getting by with instant for me and dog food for the cats (I will give them surprise extra gushy food in a little while to appease them) so that I can stay by the fire in my robe and slippers rather than getting dressed and leaving the house. I really want to spend most of today curling up and reading and I think I can make that a reality. 
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Succeeded in making yogurt (well, another hour before that's done, but it's just a matter of moving it into the fridge at that point), coin laundry, AND roasting the turkey and stuffing. Had my sample plate - nom! Also made cranberry sauce, because I had ten minutes to spare and cranberries.

What dominated the day, however, was my freaking iPhone telling me it needed to be Restored as soon as I got up this morning, and then refusing to actually Restore. Spent all day googling error codes and working my way through troubleshooting step-by-steps (in between moving laundry around, etc.) and when I finally decided to go ahead and ask Apple for help got told it was outside of working hours. Grr. At least I am pretty sure I got it backed up before everything went kerblooey.

Anyway, Mom and I confirmed our menu, which has all the traditional elements in different ways than we have usually eaten them. I think it will be good. I'll make the stew on Wednesday, maybe mix up the dumplings, I think they'll hold up to early assembly, and that's really all I have to do ahead of time. Get a bottle of wine out of the shed, I suppose. The cranberry pudding I'll make over there from mom's ingredients, just have to bring the pudding basin. Mom's providing brussels sprouts (whew! I was alarmed when I got home from shopping and realized i hadn't bought any) and squash/maybe pumpkin and maybe a beet salad. If our calculations are correct, we should be okay for burners and oven space, even. A Thanksgiving miracle!
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Got the stuffing mixed together, skillet-browned, and into the roasting pan. I'm gonna put my feet up for a bit and then butterfly the turkey* and get it into the brine overnight. So, on pace there.

Had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner, because I am at that stage of the holiday festivities when I have tons of food but hardly any of it is actually in an edible state. If I can get the turkey roasted tomorrow, though, those days will be over.

So the plan for tomorrow is to roast the turkey and try to cover my usual Monday schedule of doing laundry and making yogurt. We'll see how it goes.

*Mission accomplished, but that was harder than I expected. I've gotten pretty good at butterflying chickens, but turkey anatomy is enough different to be challenging. I doubt I will ever do that frequently enough to really get good at it. Oh well.
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About a month ago, I guess, I was behind in my reading and maybe even had hit an article in the then just out-of-current EW that I didn't want to read for whatever reason, so when the then current one came in I knew I wouldn't get to it for a while so I put it somewhere. Somewhere safe. And logical. And the following week I was still not reading EW so I put that issue with the earlier one, carefully stacking them in order so the older one would be on top when I was ready to catch up. And when the next issue came in, I decided it was too much trouble to go put it with the others (which I apparently, at that time, still kew where they were because this was a decision, not a default) and left it on the end table by the loveseat. I'm caught up now, and of course cannot find the hoarded issues and can't bring myself to just skip them and read the newer ones that i do know where they are (which are now piling up a bit on their own) because I am some kind of insane.

Talked to my mom today. Amongst other conversation, she what I wanted to do about Thanksgiving and I tod her I wanted to avoid it, maybe go all out Peanuts with toast and popcorn. She was very understanding. It might be a good day to go the movies, catch the early showing when everyone else is feasting.

Thanksgiving is pretty much my favorite holiday. Lots of detailed memories )

So, don't wanna this year. Popcorn and toast, or mac and cheese.
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What was happening with me yesterday? Oh, right:

  • 10:34 Pumpkin sourdough pancakes came out pretty tasty. Goes well with this damn good cup of coffee #fb

  • Got three more servings of those in the freezer, yay!

  • 12:32 Finished carving the turkey so as to free up the bones for stock. Still have over 2lbs of meat.

  • Think I have enough to make some Turkey Tetrazzini and (my favorite) Turkey Pot Pie. But not today. Enough cooking the last couple of days...

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What was happening with me yesterday? Oh, right:

  • 08:08 Watching Cook's Country to get in the mood for some quality time in the kitchen. #fb

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Brought the butterflied turkey and stuffing over to my folks' place. Roasted up nicely, though something went wonky in the timing - when we put it in the oven, we figured on eating about 2. Once I had turned the turkey around in the oven and started checking the temperature for doneness, it seemed to get forever to get up to the right reading, but somehow we still ate at about 2. Weird.

Mm had made the sweet potatoes in advance, we steamed the brussel sprouts while the turkey rested, and put togetehr a salad at the same time. Mom had a jar of cranberry relish from the farmer's market, and we opened a bottle of green certified chardonnay that was quite delightful.

Actually had the salad a few hours after we ate the main meal, as none of us had room on our plates for it on the first pass. Then tea and pumpkin cheesecake, which came out very nice.
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I had a lovely day yesterday. Not much of it would fit into the traditional idea of Thanksgiving. DH and I, oh, and Walter, headed over to my parents' place around noon. They met us outside and swept us off in their Prius up to Mt. Diablo, where we picnicked at a picturesque but cold and windy spot. We all agreed that the view was worth it. Mom had braved Whole Foods on Tuesday to pick up an assortment of things to eat, including roasted vegetables, some sort of squash salad with cranberries, green beans, brussel sprouts with pecans, a tofu and rice thing for them and some deli sliced turkey for the carnivores. Mom wasn't sure that would be enough, so she made some rice and cranberry pilaf that was delicious. Once we'd all eaten enough and decided we'd had enough wind, we packed up the dishes and leftovers and headed up to the summit. We headed directly to the observation deck on the roof of the visitor's center and looked at various landmarks through Dad's spotting scope. It was pretty clear - we could see Suisun and the Golden Gate Bridge and the Sutter Buttes, and could even pick out the Transamerica Building with the scope. We followed that up with a leisure stroll around the Fire Trail (it's got another name now, but I don't recall who it's been dedicated to) and made it back to the car before sunset (when the park closes). Back at my folks' house, we had time to sit in front of the fire and have tea and "pumpkin pie bars", which were good though not really pie like, and start playing a "Thanksgiving Trivia" game that my mom had cut out of the paper. We had to take off before finishing the game so DH could get to a meeting while I lolled about at home, enjoying not painting or cleaning or anything. When he got home we were both hungry again (weird how that happens) so he heated up some Matzo Ball soup, gobbled it up, and went to bed.

Nice day.

Today we cleared out the new house in preparation for moving in, put all the switch plates and so forth back where they belong, vacuumed, mopped, set up the Mac Mini and the phone and accepted delivery on our new TV, though we didn't set it up yet.

Still to do
So close!


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