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Continuing what has become our summer of seeing Shakespeare outdoors, mom came out to Suisun last night and we went to dinner and then saw the Solano College Theater production in the newish Harbor Plaza courtyard. It was a really cute version, with the French princess and her friends as a softball team and the King of Navarre and his friends as frat buddies. Between the wind noise, ambient conversations of people in restaurants who were not watching the play, and occasional train whistles and planes landing at the AFB, I didn't catch all the dialog, but there was a lot of physical comedy and the actors were very expressive so it was easy to follow the action. The Russian dancing was especially hilarious. I may have to read this one, it's one of many Shakespeare comedies I have no familiarity with at all. 

At intermission, took advantage of Eco-Delight being open and unwisely got a regular coffee (they didn't have any decaf made, but I could have had hot chocolate). So tasty and there's something 
very cozy about sipping a hot drink at night in the wind, but I hardly slept at all last night. So tired and out of sorts.
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I never did write about that, did I?

Well, went with Mom to see The Verona Project at CalShakes last Saturday and really liked it. I'd never been to CalShakes before, though I had of course been driving past the signs on the freeway for forever (I always think of it as "that Shakespeare festival on Fish Ranch Road even though it s neither on Fish Ranch Road nor a festival) - I have rarely been on the lookout for Shakespeare, frankly, and always seemed to hear about productions that I might have been interested in seeing towards the end of their runs and was generally priced out of attending, anyway. Even this one we saw on the second to last day of production and really only went to because CalShakes tickets were on offer at the silent auction we went to recently and mom had read something intriguing about The Verona Project not long before so we were able to jump on it.

Anyway, it's a sort of adaptation of Two Gentlemen of Verona - the in-house dramaturge (I find it weird and amusing that they have an in-house dramaturge, but good for them, right?) explained why it wouldn't rightly be called an adaptation but I do not particularly care if I am using that term correctly or not. It's almost a fix-it AU fic, really (I'm probably not using those correctly, either, as I am not really up on fic terminology, but it feels right) with music. Part of the conceit is that the cast is a band called The Verona Project who has made a concept album based on Two Gentlemen of Verona, and I found that to be an unnecessary affectation which, thankfully, didn't come up much, though the songs themselves were fine. The sets and costuming were pretty minimalist and cleverly deployed.

The amphitheater is pretty gorgeous - the seating arrangement is based in the Globe, and behind the stage is open hillsides and everything is nestled in eucalyptus groves with native plantings scattered about (including a living roof on the gift shop/cafe). It's a short, pleasant walk up from the parking lot. The parking lot is kind of terrible, but they don't have much room to work with - if I go again, hanging out in the grove for a while after the play and letting everyone else get out of the way before trying to leave may be a good option.

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What was happening with me yesterday? Oh, right:

  • 18:42 The fancy emory board I thought I bought turns out to be a nail buffer. The words "nail buffer" on the packaging should have given me a clue
  • 18:43 Now my nails are all irregularly shaped and raggedy, but shiny.
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Yesterday was apparently Cry for No Reason Day. The manicure business didn't set me off, but I went by George's Feed & Seed after signing the paperwork to get the Toyota fixed (not totalled! So happy!) and found that it mostly doesn't meet my needs but I thought I would pick up some dog food since I was there, got up to where you pay and asked if they take debit cards. "No," he says "there was a sign". "Oh, I didn't see it," I say as I check through my purse looking for my checkbook, which I don't have. "Right by the door as ayou came in. Big sign," he repeats. I apologize and leave and burst into tears on the drive home.

Yeah, I don't understand it.

Then I went to see Hats! with my folks (we have season tickets to the theater putting it on) and on the drive over for some reason I got to thinking about Spike Lee movies and why I haven't watched When the Levees Broke (I have complicated feelings about it) and once again with the crying, so I had to sit and pull myself together for a couple of minutes in the car when I got to the theater. Making me weepy again typing it up. Weird.

But dinner was great and the show was okay - very earnest and a little uneven (in the writing, the performances were quite good) with a couple of really cute numbers. The thin thread of plot that held the whole thing together was not really up my alley, but not terrible.
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What was happening with me yesterday? Oh, right:

  • 10:35 My chi is all balanced and whatnot. Dishes mysteriously remain unwashed.
  • 11:37 Feeding the sourdough starter. Maybe bake bread on Friday. It could happen.
  • 14:09 Plotting to take over the world.
  • 14:17 Plotting over, should take dog for a walk
  • 15:01 Completely forgot about theater tickets for tonight. Whoops.
  • 17:40 Taking the train to go to the cabaret. So sophisticated
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Made sourdough pancakes this morning, so will have to feed the starter again if I want to make bread tomorrow. I think that I will not, probably.

Never did take the dog for a walk. Poor thing.

Got the rest of the cabaret season into my iCal so I shouldn't be surprised like that again. The show was really fun, Forever Plaid. Th train was delayed by about 15 minutes, which doesn't sound like a big deal bu the ride is only 19 minutes, so it made the trip much longer than usual. But we had built enough cushion so we could still have dinner before the show. Second Thai dinner with enough leftover for lunch this week.

Decided to wear the shoes that really went with my outfit even though they are not supremely comfortable. Not really broken in, I'd guess, because this one dress is the only thing they go with, but they are perfect for it, and I wanted to wear the hat that also goes with the dress. I should wear hats more often, justify owning so many. Anyway, the shoes were fine for the walk down to the station, but once I stopped walking and rode on the train, etc., the blisters started to form. Drat. Heels are a little ow-ey today.


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