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...continues. As I slowly erode Mt. Laundry (even with the dryer working properly (and hooray for that!) the flickery fluorescents in the garage (where the washer and dryer are) make doing laundry after sunset a dicey proposition. And I'm mostly home when the sun is down. But, hey, a couple of loads a day will make a huge difference, if I can get one started before I leave for work and another right when I get home while it's still light out.

Anyway, the point is, I'm pulling out the summerweight clothes and size 24 clothes as I come across them and putting them in appropriate boxes (which are in different rooms so I hope I won't get them confused, but I'd best bust out the label-maker before too long).

And my Saints play this Thursday, so I don't have to block out football watching time next weekend. Although I'll also need to do some Thanksgivikkuh prep cooking, but dividing my time between the kitchen and the garage/laundry usually works out okay for both. And after Thanksgiving there's three days in a row of not going to work or social obligations (I think, I shold check that at some point). Who knows what I can do with that kind of time!

Oh, man, do I have enough candles to do the freezer vs room-temp storage experiment? I think I cannot do that on top of everything else this year.

I still have 18 custard-based meals in the fridge, so that's six days, and more than a day's worth of commercially-prepared frozen meals in the freezer, and my produce box and eggs come this Tues night/Wed morning. Feeding myself for the next week or so should not be a problem. I'll  have to go grocery shopping at some point for T-day specific ingredients. And gelt, which I couldn't find at Target today. I know Cost Plus will have chocolate coins, I just need to get over there. I'm planning on bring in jelly donuts and chocolate coins for my department next Wednesday, since that evening will be first candle lighting. I don't think I can manage vegan jelly donuts for my parents, but gelt for them, too. I described the Serious Eats Latke-Crusted Fritters to them when we went to the Sing-a-bration yesterday and they are game to try making them. I'll probably do the cranberry center and stuffing layer ahead of time and just do the latke crust and fry at their house. Exciting!

Oh! I had the crazy idea of packing both my gym bags and a yoga bag and stashing them all in the trunk tonight so I would have no excuse to not go to the gym on my way home from work three times. I think I have enough sport's bras and running shoes to fill them all. I certainly have plenty of sweat pants and T-shirts. Let's see if I can make that happen...

Edited to add: forgot that the problem with the one gym bag is that most of teh zippers are frozen. It's so well-laid out with its pockets and compartments, though! Such a shame. Anyway, one bag packed with the goal of getting to the gym tomorrow. The rest of the week will have to take care of itself.
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I've got a pot of Cock-a-leekie soup on the stove, and I need to remember what else I've got ingredients for so I don't forget to cook them. To wit:
  • Char Siu (to combine with miso custard)
  • Chili (some to eat straight, some to combine with beef custard, and that may leave some ground beef to make something else, I'm not sure how much I actually bought) 1 lb ground beef remaining, but that can go in the freezer
  • Shirred Eggs Benedict a LOT of fail in this attempt, from the sauce separating to me forgetting the water bath, but I'll still eat the results.
  • Lo carb bread smells SO GOOD while baking. Surprisingly bread-like.
  • It wasn't on the list as such so I can't really cross it off, but the Cock-a-leekie soup  is done and made into custard with at least a quart of broth leftover. And what looks like a thick layer of fat on top. Hello Hanukkah schmaltz!
  • That brings my total of custard-based meals on hand up to 22, a full week+. Woohoo! Maybe I'll throw the pork tenderloin in the freezer for a few days.
I'd be really surprised if I get to all that today, but as long as I have the list maybe I will get to it sometime. One of those should probably be dinner. The recipe says the soup simmers for 4 hours, but I like to let my stewing hens go for a day or more, really extract all the flavor and break down the tough old birds, so I'm not planning on that making a meal until at least tomorrow. Chili makes sense for watching the Saints-Cowboys game, but the Eggs Bendict has been on my mind for days already. Making Hollandaise sauce is a little daunting, I've never done it before. Then again, the prospect of bread is pretty exciting. I miss buttered toast.

Anything could happen. Even the dark horse Mac and Cheese, which I'm not including in the To Cook list only because I only have enough noodles for one meal.

Meanwhile, laundry is kicking my ass. Semi-literally - I just dropped a full basket of laundry on my foot and that hurt. Mostly it's just an overwhelming mountain of laundry. Between decisions I've made to not wash some loads on prior days because i didn't need them right then and the large number of recently unpacked clothes that need to be washed before they can be worn, it's a lot. If I can get some of the clothes that are too big for me out of the house, and the things that are too summery to wear for a few months packed up, my wardrobe will be so much more manageable, but it's one of those looks-much-worse-before-it-gets-better processes.

Edited to add: yeah, this is looking more like laundry week than laundry day. I suck.


Sep. 20th, 2012 08:31 pm
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So, I decided to do the good old-fashioned Atkins Induction 14-day eat-exactly-what-the-book-says thing, because that's easy on the brain. But it meant buying a frickin' ton of groceries (I had the foresight to let myself run out of just about everything first, so the last couple of days feeding myself has been more challenging than usual), so I had them delivered, which helped a lot, but just putting all the perishables away has taken me about two hours (to be fair, a good bit of that time was making sure I knew how long I could wait before dividing and freezing the various meats, since I sure as hell don't want to do that today if I don't have to, and some of it was making and eating lunch). And I have the final delivery of Soul Food chickens today - good thing my parents are letting me use some of their freezer space for some of that!

I don't know if I'll get to any of my overdue items today, just keeping up with what's due today on top of this major grocery shop is kind of kicking my ass. But that's okay. It's an extremely flexible plan. And I"m already down to only 242 Past Overdue tasks, so that's a marked improvement for such a short time.

I somewhat randomly decided to make chocolate pots de creme yesterday, mixing and matching the Cook's Illustrated recipe with Ratio creme anglaise/custard advice, and sweetening with Splenda. It ended up looking pretty ganache-like, which I was pretty okay with, but then I woke up in the middle of the night thinking I knew how to fix it and actually got up and tried it. That's kind of odd for me. Now they are actually kind of thin and liquidy, but pretty tasty if a little more bitter than sweet. My Net Diary seems to think they are acceptably low carb, so I'll go ahead and finish eating them over the next few days.

Edited to add: OMG this day! I head out to get the chicken delivery about quarter to five, the Toyota won't start. Fine, I can always take the Volvo. Except that won't start either, in a slightly different way that makes me think if I can hook the batteries together with jumper cables maybe one of them will start. They're parked side by side in the driveway, but the batteries are on opposite sides of the engine compartments and the cables won't reach. Of course. So, I call the farm and ask if they can hold my chickens to tomorrow, which they are agreeable about, and figure out how I can take the (infrequent and slow) bus to an auto parts place and buy a battery or a charger or something, I don't know. Fortunately, as I'm leaving my favorite neighbor M pulls up and asks what's wrong, she saw I had the hoods up, and I explain and she not only offers me a jump, she calls her husband to come help my push the Toyota out of the driveway so the battery is reachable. I need to get them some kind of thank you gift, they are awesome. I call the farm and tell them I'm coming, drive out there, leave the engine running while we load up the chickens, come back to the house and get the chickens into the kitchen with the engine still running, and then go drive around some more in the hopes that I can get the battery charge up. We'll see how it is tomorrow. I suspect that one of the accessories that was plugged into a cigarette lighter was draining a little too much power with the engine on - I haven't been driving at all much lately, so it would have had some time to work with. I really hope that's it. The battery is about two years old, which doesn't seem like time for a new battery, and everything got completely checked out by a shop that specializes in the electric system, so I think they would have caught anything more esoteric.

In better news, all the chickens fit in my freezer and fridge, hooray! Even the liver, which I forgot I was getting. I have so much food right now. But I haven't had dinner yet. Cooking time!

More editing for further update: another neighbor just knocked on my door to tell me he'd turned off the inside light in my car. I have no idea why it was on, but I've been only driving during the day for I don't know how long (just because that's my schedule these days, I'm extremely diurnal), so it's probably been on a long time. That would explain the dead battery! And it was still on when he turned it off for me, so hopefully that won't be a problem anymore.
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So, I've been thinking about how to attack my way way way overdue tasks (there are so very many) and I came up with something to try and started on it today. Basically, each day, in addition to whatever's actually due that day (which I've been doing okay at staying on top of, I think) I'll also tackle whatever is at the top of my "Due over a year ago", "Due within the last year(month/week)" lists (Omnifocus is happy to organize my tasks for me this way). It only comes to 7 extra things a day, which is not so much as to be overwhelming, and eventually, if I am consistent, I'll actually be caught up. Best of all, when I do that one thing I can in good conscience close up that particular overdue list and not feel guilty about not doing more of the stuff that's on it.

Like, today one of the things that came up at the top of a list was flipping my mattress. In my head, when I flip the mattress I should take that opportunity to clear out whatever's worked it's way under the bed, and vacuum under there, and vacuum the mattress, and really I want to move the whole bed closer to the wall, and probably I should clean the ceiling fan before I do any of this, not to mention the cobwebs in the corners of the bedroom BUT today I just went ahead and flipped the mattress so that's done and all the rest of that stuff can wait its turn. If I end up pulling out a sleeping bag because I don't make the bed before tonight, that is also okay. Making the bed will come up on some list eventually.

It's pretty liberating and let's me focus on the future more than the past, which I prefer. Actually, I'm focused more on the present, because whatever is actually due today has priority. In theory, anyway. I've just started, of course, but that's the idea.
I ripped through today's overdue items pretty quickly (well, I still have to give myself a pedicure, but that is not exactly arduous (except when it is, but today I am quite determined)), so I think this is doable.

For future reference: Past Overdue tasks (per Omnifocus for iPad) as of 9/17 11 AM = 262
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 The plan was, if I could start off the week disciplined and focused and productive, I could carry on like that and get tons done. And I did pretty well yesterday - started doing housework before breakfast, got the lawn mowed and all the dishes washed even the things that are too big to fit in the dishwasher or the sink and therefore often languish on the counter for an unconscionably long time, various little things that always need doing but slip through the cracks, etc. I did run out of steam in the afternoon, but that seemed acceptable.

Today I've gotten virtually nothing done. I spent a bunch of time taking apart the Wii and deciding that I needed to order another part for it, so that's not even a completed task. And that's about it. Meh.

Will try to get back on track tomorrow.

Edited to add: OK, I did also make my first attempt at a deconstructed matzo ball soup soufflé, and I am pretty pleased.Image behind tag )Needs more tinkering, but proof of concept is quite tasty!

Also, I expect to clear my todo list of everything that was due today, so that's not nothing.

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Some days my To Do List is just something to look at while thinking "look at all that stuff that isn't happening today". Today was not quite that bad - most of what popped up actually due today wasn't getting done, it's true, but some way overdue stuff did (admittedly, mostly things like "read Entertainment Weekly" and "Finish NYTimes Crossword Puzzle", but those are legitimate items on my To Do List).

I tried to go see the Hunger Games, but didn't make it. I've been wanting a burger for a couple of days (pink slime being in the news has not shaken that) so I went to Red Robin: Gourmet Burgers for lunch because it's near the theater has burger right there in the name, sort of. It was disappointing. And I didn't check movie times at any point in this process because I knew there were a bunch of showings so I figured I wouldn't have to wait for too long whatever time I got to the theater, but I managed to hit too late for the one that had just started (I hate going in once the previews have started and really hate missing the beginning of the actual movie) and longer than I was willing to hang around before the next one. Oh well, learned that lesson.

Then I came home and discovered that while I had made myself a cup of coffee for breakfast, I had not drunk it, instead leaving it on a side table to grow cold. Which may explain a lot about my morning.
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So, I'm almost out of food, which is nice. I found a lone baby potato in the canister I thought was empty, so I'm boiling it with the radishes I haven't known what to do with and calling that a side dish for the rest of the gefilte fish I opened last night. After that, I think I'm free to indulge in take-out while I really, truly, I mean it this time deep clean the kitchen. Although I should bake some bread and make some dumplings and maybe try pickling eggs. But not until, like, Thursday, so maybe I can get a lot done meanwhile? Stranger things have happened.

I am finding it impossible to do laundry. It just needs to be sorted and shoved into the machines, it should be doable, and yet I find myself actually considering the possibility of just buying new clothes instead. What is that about? Whatever it is, I need to get over it.

And oh god the lawn needs mowing! Crap, I should do that tomorrow if it's not raining. And call Vernon, see what's what with the bees, I haven't heard from him in over a week, hopefully that is just because it's been raining. That's enough, brain, no more coming up with stuff that needs to be done.
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I've been working on it for a while, now. I was seriously doing absolutely nothing for a time, which was a grief-stricken thing, I know, but also instructive. I learned, for example, that I can do very very little and be okay with the results. Chaos and uncertainty, not so bad. Also, that doing nothing at all is attractive in a way that doing very little is not - it's like free versus costs a penny.

Anyway, I'm up to 20 minutes of being productive at a time (22 starting tomorrow!), and I just learned about the Pomodoro Technique which is apparently built around 25 minute stretches of focussed effort, so I'm looking into that. Of course, that's supposed to be 25 minutes of work followed by 5 minutes of rest and then more working, and what I currently do is 20 minutes of work followed by 40 minutes of not working, or way more resting than that, so I'll have to figure out what I'm currently capable of. But it's promising. At some point not too long from now I'm going to have to be able to get through an 8 hour day of doing something that someone is willing to pay me for. It is not quite as unimaginable a feat as it was a few months ago, but I don't think I could do it two days in a row, much less 5, right now.

I use Omnifocus to organize my To Dos, and I'm kind of locked into it just because I have so much in there already. There are times, like right now, when my To Do list is just something I look at and think "look at all the stuff I'm not even going to try to accomplish today", but other times it is satisfying to get through some serious backlog, so I'm sticking with my hundreds of overdue tasks. It doesn't bother me, all the not completed to dos I have hanging over me, which is it's own kind of problem, probably, but I am okay with the consequences of that so far as I can anticipate them, so that's all right.
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So, I reached the milestone of getting my meditation time up to 10 minutes per session this week, which inspired me to try to do ten minutes of whatever needs doing (oh, there is so much to choose from) out of every hour while I am awake. It's working out all right, I suppose. I now some people can do five minutes worth of whatever, but that is too short oa burst of productivity to justify overcoming my inertia, apparently.

I tend to putter about aimlessly for several hours after I wake up, maybe doing stuff that needs doing, maybe not. And I keep running into conundrums - do I count that ten minutes of meditation as work time? Making lunch, does that count? I can argue both sides and haven't decided on a consistent approach. But I am less apt to feel like I have let the whole day get away without accomplishing anything (which has sometimes been because I have actually accomplished nothing, and sometimes because I have forgotten what I did actually accomplish...), so that's an improvement.

Making Masa Ball Soup today because I had most of the ingredients at hand and chicken soup + chiles sounds like the best possible thing to eat when my sinuses are acting up. I discovered that queso anejo is also called queso cotija (or they are similar, at least) and that is readily available at my local supermarket, so this batch will be slightly more true to the recipe (iirc, I substituted romano before). Although I am using a slicing tomato rather than a plum tomato, and I forgot to set one aside when I roasted all my tomatoes this morning, so it will be pre-roasted, but it's hard to imagine that that would have an ill effect on the soup. I also have the ingredients for Mendocino chicken salad and spaghetti sauce, but, at the moment, no appetite, so we'll see how that goes. The fridge, she is very full, it is slightly alarming.

Edited to add: roasting purple bell peppers deprives them of their color. Disappointing.
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I've had "Wash Dishes" as a recurring daily task on my Omnifocus To Do list for forever - the kind that when I check it off it doesn't come back dated for tomorrow, it comes back dated the day after the day I checked off. The theory being, if I decide to skip cleaning up the kitchen for a couple of days, I'll know that I have double (or whatever appropriate multiple) the clean up necessary when I do get to it.

So, of course, I had that long period of time in which I didn't do a goddamn thing, including dishes, so the date has been long in the past for quite a while now. But the kitchen has been the focus of my limited housecleaning energies for some time, and the date has gradually crept up. Today I checked of today's "Wash Dishes" item.

I had kind of assumed that, between the many days when I didn't cook and the occasional times when someone else would wash my dishes for me by the time I "caught up" on the To Do list my kitchen would be, you know, clean. That is not the case.

Fortunately I am well positioned to spend some time eating either really simple stuff that shouldn't spawn much in the way of cleanup or take-out for the foreseeable future. With the exception of bread and dumplings, but neither of those have to made very often. Counters, you will be not only cleaned but rearranged! Floor, you will be steam mopped beneath the cushy mats (which will be taken out and hosed off). Yea, even the ovens shall be cleaned according to their needs - I don't think they have a "self-clean" option but I will figure something not too toxic out. The very windows shall be washed and perhaps even the waterline to the icemaker will be connected, though that means crawling under the house so I don't know if I really want to commit to that just yet.
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All that stuff I was gonna do yesterday? Yeah, nsm. I got as far as getting dressed and putting on shoes and got hit with a wave of overwhelming tiredness. I tried to push through, but 'overwhelming' was not just an intensifier there, I was in fact overwhelmed and went back to bed for an hour or two.

I did get outside to sit in the sun and make some vitamin D, and sit in the shade and watch the mockingbird claim his territory from atop the telephone pole in the corner of my yard, which is one of my favorite things. There was a bee trying to steal nectar from the hummingbird feeder, so I got to see how hummingbirds react to that - not as aggressively as I would have guessed! They do feed at the same flowers, though I haven't seen them buzzing around one plant at the same time.

I managed not fall behind on my daily stuff, and fed the bees - they are officially working on over half the frames in the second hive body, so I should probably get a super or two soon. And I spotted a worm in Worm Farm #2, so they aren't all dead out there. Not a lot of feedback from the worms, getting an occasional glimpse is good.

If I can get through the whole week without falling behind, that'll be a huge win, really, so I am not too bothered by not getting far with the 'extra' stuff I'm trying to take on. I don't know, the last couple of days I have wanted a lot of sleep, it almost seems like I need more dreaming time than that I need the rest. Hopefully I'll catch up on whatever it is soon.

And got to Petco today, so the cats have been appeased. Tomorrow will have to do for lawn mowing and grocery shopping, and I keep forgetting that I still need to get that long overdue smog check done. At least the late fees can't get any higher.
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Have I mentioned that I hate that phrase? It invariably makes me cry. But This Dork Tower showed up this week all timely like, and I am trying to look forward rather than backward today.

Parenthetically, I almost titled this post "Fight the Future" just because I like the sound of it, but I can't really make it make sense. Even more parenthetically: pundits, that "win the future" phrase from whatever Obama speech it was implies that the future is the prize, not our competition. Its pretty straightforward, I don't know why so many of you got that wrong.

Anyway, the point. It's June and my headache is finally under control but it is also Friday, not auspicious for trying to start new routines that I never intend to follow on Saturday, and I apparently needed about 12 hours of sleep last night because I just kept going back to sleep this morning until I got about that much SO instead of just diving in and trying to DO whatever needs doing, today I am going to try to PLAN how to do stuff.

So, what needs doing?

First and foremost, I need to find a job. Job stuff )Secondly, I need toHealth stuff )

Thirdly, getting my house in order, literally and figuratively. There's just a lot that needs doing, from papers that need filing to furniture that I want to move to repairs that should be made. Figuring out what to do with H's stuff. Streamlining my finances. Legal stuff. None of it is urgent, except mowing the front lawn, but it all has to get done and there is just so much that every little bit I manage to do seems like nothing in comparison to what needs doing. It's very easy for me to spend all my time on this one and still seem to get nowhere. I can't let myself do that, Thing 1 and Thing 2 up there need to take priority. But I can't abandon it entirely, either. It's so much easier to focus on one thing to the exclusion of everything else than to try to balance several things. I should probably split this one further so that literal housekeeping doesn't crowd out the more paperworky housekeeping tasks that really are equally important and onerous

Fourthly, it would be nice to get some writing done. Not to any particular end of having a publishable thing or whatever, but just to establish the discipline of writing regularly again. It's good for me.

That....seems doable. I am somewhat surprised.

To Do-ing

May. 9th, 2011 08:33 am
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I have nothing on my To Do list to be done yesterday! I got it ll done, yay me!

I have the usual largish amount of things meant to be done in the last week and the last month, though. And one thing dropped off Due in the Last Month and disappeared into Due in the Last 3 Months, which I was hoping to avoid. But still!

(posting here recurs on my To Do List every day, btw)
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 Still remaining to be done:
  • Get some cash
  • Move Volvo off of street
  • Catch train at 6:19 AM
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For my benefit:what needs doing before I leave for Vegas... )

Am I doing any of those things right now? Of course not.

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Because I need to sort out what to do first and what can maybe be put off and if this will be one mega errand running trek or lots of little runs
  • Petco - might be  able to make it to tomorrow on canned dog food, but out of dry TJ's dog food buys us a few days
  • Grocery shopping - need ingredients for tomorrow's breakfast Done! Though shopping at lunch time rather than eating lunch is not so smart. I bought a whole bag of frozen food  I don't need (but wil enjoy) and still haven't had lunch at 2 PM. Oops.
  • Jumpstart Volvo - should move before street sweeping tomorrow, also needs smog check, will need to drive around after jump to charge up battery Done! Still needs smog check. Maybe Friday, as tomorrow is the last day of no rain for a while and I have stuff that needs doing while it's not raining.
  • Pick up chicken and eggs CSA - after 5
  • Yarn box
  • Plus stuff that needs doing around the house, most of which is not urgent
Hm. Well, going back to bed clearly not the responsible choice.

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I keep feeling like I'm not accomplishing anything today because I decided not to really try to do too much. In reality, I have
  1. Made myself a quiche and actually followed the recipe properly for the first time ever - I usually have tried to cut the number of eggs and improvised ways to make up for their loss with varying results. Actual quiche was pretty delicious, even if I am terrible at prebaking pastry shells.
  2. Which means I have followed my ridiculous breakfast cycle plan for over a week successfully. Which means I've eaten breakfast every day for over a week. Nice.
  3. Shaped my challah dough into 6 knots and one little loaf. To be baked once they have the day to rise, pretty much. Or parbaked and frozen, in the case of the knots.
  4. Got a chicken in the oven.
  5. Washed all the dishes. For the first time in I don't even know how long, every dish/pot/pan/etc/ is either clean and put away, actively in use, on the drying rack, or in the dishwasher (which is running). Woo!
  6. In seven  more pages, including ads, I will be all caught up on my Entertainment Weeklys, ignoring the ones that got misplaced and therefore remain unread. I don't know why I am compelled to read these things cover to cover whether I am interested in the contents or not, but I am and it weighs on me when I have unread issues lying around.
Not bad. And I may yet do more today, who knows?
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Mom has a wicked sore throat (even sounded bad through the phone) and she really wants to go to the Bee Supply store with me, just because it is a fun place to visit, so we'll try again when she's feeling better. - maybe tomorrow, probably next week. Also it is raining and I am lazy and have a kitten sleeping on my arm, so not getting a lot done so far today.
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I'm so Arthur Dent-ish lately. I wear my bathrobe a lot. Having a lot of trouble with my lifestyle. Can't get the hang of Thursdays.

Haven't mastered sandwich making completely, yet. Something to work on.

Speaking of things to work on, here's an update on how my To Do list is going:
  • Lawn: still not mown or edged or anything. Maybe tomorrow.
  • Birdseed: purchased, but still in car, not in feeders
  • Laundry remains problematic. I need to put the clean stuff away, but that might require moving seasonal clothing and H's dresser is taunting me a little bit. The longer I stay in my bathrobe, the less this is an issue, though.
  • Got up at 6:30 today, which is earlier than yesterday. I may work my way up (down?) to getting up when the light comes on. Spent my "extra" morning time catching up on my RSS feed, which feels like accomplishing nothing, but does actually need doing or it will keep me from doing something more critical later. At least, this is what I tell myself.
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Aren't they all? But this entry explicitly so, I guess.

I feel like I'm making incremental progress on cleaning the kitchen (and therefore being civilized and part of society and all that guff). Incremental progress might be harder for me to deal with than no progress - no progress I can accept and relax into, nothing I can do; incremental progress I have to keep pushing. But objectively better, so I am trying to remember that.

And that's how I am with everything - doing better, but having to work really hard at it.

Tomorrow is Onerous Task Day, so I'll be doing all my out of the house errands - I'm not agoraphobic, but I can see how to get there from here, I think - which I will now list so I can consult this tomorrow and make sure it all gets done:
  • Affidavit notarized and all that stuff faxed to Morgan Stanley
  • Niece's birthday present mailed
  • Also the bills that have to be paid by check. Can't find my stamps at home, but UPS store can handle that for me.
  • Peppermint Mocha at Starbucks
  • Petco for, good lord, everything, I am almost out of everything pet related. Cat food, dog food, canned cat food, Advantage, LitterLocker cartridge. Walter may have to miss this trip. I hate to deprive him of being able to go to the store, he does love it, but I will need my momentum, I think.
  • Grocery store - cream, butter, do I want to get some milk and try making eggnog? Ziploc bags. Peanut butter. Something I am forgetting, probably. If I can get what I need at TJ's, then seasonal Joe Joe madness of various kinds. Because I deserve a treat or several.
  • DreamDinners at 4. I think I will go ahead and sign up for a January session, also; the beef stroganoff sounds good.
Is that it? That doesn't sound so bad. Edited at 6pm top add: just about all accomplished! Now if I could just figure out what of all tis far too much food I've gt to have for dinner...

Thursday will be lunch with Mom and finishing the Pixar exhibit. That'll be nice, but I won't get anything else done that day.

Friday I probably need to do laundry. I will surely be wanting to hide out in the house by then. Saturday either Chinese food and a movie or more hiding, that can be a game time decision.


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