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H was supposed to be moving officed last weekend, so he couldn't go, though that ended up being pushed back but not in time for us to change our plans.  So I took the train down by myself, which was exceedingly cool. It's much nicer to ride the rails through the Central Valley than to drive. Transfer to a YARTS bus at Merced, which take s couple of hours to get to Curry village but it's comfortable and, again, I don't have to drive the windy roads or over the "temporary" bridges detouring around the rockslide.

Long description of my weekend... )

Then I had to take H to the airport on Monday - he has explained what he is doing on this business trip multiple times, but it's just a garble of acronyms to me. Pretty soon I get to go pick him up, yay!

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I volunteered to work a booth with my parents at the Travel Fair down in Santa Clara yesterday, telling people to visit Martinez in conjunction with Amtrak, since the train is a good way to get there. It was fun, I actually could answer a lot of people's questions and I picked up a bunch of information of places to visit and things to do nearby. Like the Stockton Asparagus Festival! I'm all over that. Stockton! And Asparagus! Yay!

In keeping with the theme of the day, we took the train down - my stop is just before the Martinez stop on the Capital Corridors route, so my folks just got on the same train as me and found me.  It was a really pretty day, and the route was scenic, we even spotted the church my parents were married in (in Fremont).

Today I got some dishes washed and some clothes laundered and one(1) box unpacked. That box had my heart rate monitor in it, so hooray for that. Part of me is sad to lose that excuse for not exercising, but it's definitely for the best. Tomorrow, yoga and walking, now properly measured.

Also tomorrow, Henry comes home! Yay! He's planning on bringing us po-boys for dinner, which is also worth some cheering. Actual dieting to9 commence, well, when I find my Atkins book. tHat plan worked for exercise. Theoretically.


Apr. 24th, 2007 03:58 pm
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Today is on the List.

I am not pleased and I'm not sure where to direct my ire and too freaking tired to think straight. Bah.

4:15 PM (5 hours after original ETA), flight is canceled. Don't know what happens next.

6:54 He's in a Holiday Inn in San Antonio ordering room service and then going to sleep. Whew.


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