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 In the last 3 weeks i have watched every episode (and episode commentary where available) to date of Community. It is a little alarming how much I like this show.

Naturally, I have poked around the internet a little bit to see what other people are saying about it, so I've seen a few "Why didn't I start watching this earlier?" comments from others who didn't jump i with the pilot. I'm not going to say that. I did watch the pilot and I was absolutely right to decide not to watch season one as it aired, not because there was anything wrong with it but because there's no way I would have enjoyed and appreciated it at the time. As I have done this epic catching up, I kept an episode guide with air dates to hand because that's how I roll and there were so many times when I could remember what was going on with me when a particular episode and be able to pinpoint exactly what horribleness that episode would have triggered if I'd watched it when it aired. But I can watch them all now. So that's, like, progress? It's something.

And I am grateful for that because, y'all, seriously, I love this show. A lot. NBC has got to bring it back soon.

As you may have picked up by a careful reading of the subtle clues in this journal, I have been having a tough time making decisions for the last, oh, two years. Or so. And a big part of that has been that every decision boils down to choosing what kind of person I want to be.And I mostly don't know, still, I have no guiding principle to go by, really, so every stupid choice is monumental. And, on top of being narratively innovative and dense with humor and frequently just awesome, Community addresses those kinds of questions of identity in a thoughtful and sympathetic way.  I really appreciate that.


Jun. 13th, 2010 04:28 pm
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This is the level at which I can plan: figuring out what TV shows I can watch and which will have to wait a long long time. Hm, should I cut tag this? It's longer than I thought when I started ) Shouldn't be too much trying to fill up my DVR over the summer, maybe I can clear it out a little.
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I was watching more or less live on Thursday while DH was out at a meeting, and he came home while it was still on so I paused it to chat with him a little and he asked me what was going on.

I suppose this counts as spoilers for 4/9 ) 
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1. Bold the shows of which you've watched every episode
2. Italicize the shows of which you've seen at least one episode
2a. Star the shows you consider "the best" (Addition by tidesong) {I'm not doing this one}
3. Post your answers

So, that's half of them that I've seen every episode and several more that I'm working on seeing all of but haven't quite made it yet.
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I got a High Definition DVR/Cable Box from Comcast today.

The opening graphics of the Newshour with Jim Lehrer is so beautiful I might cry. Animal Planet/Discover/National Geographic is going to kill me, I can tell.

I might need a HD Homerun for easy transfer to iPods and those occasions when I need to record four things at once (Thursday nights, I'm looking at you)

I am incredibly close to being done with the old house. I have one cooler-load of beverage to rescue from the fridge, two rugs to haul over, and then it's just however much cleaning I feel like doing and piling the trash up on the street. If DH takes tomorrow off (as he said he might), we should finish tomorrow. So ready to be done.

Then I can start unpacking in earnest. More work, but at least it's for my own benefit.
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Oh, man, it's so nice to have my laptop back.

Rambling on about the dancing behind the cut )
I happened to catch a bit of the results show last night and it features Jerry Rice, so I will definitely haveto watch it, but I doubt I will have much of anything to say about it.
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Bye-bye, Shandi. I can't say I'll miss her. She was okay, but not immensely fun to watch.

Check it out, I'm getting the performance watched BEFORE the Results Show. Nifty.

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What do we have this week? Paso Doble and, surely they will tell me before too long. Ah, the waltz, of course. Excellent. I understand the waltz, and I enjoy the Paso Doble.

19 hours a week dancing. Man, that would be fantastic. Tiring, but fantastic.

Leila's Paso Doble:  She should rock this. She's got the precision and the attitude. The Marseillaise? Really? Huh. And, that was disappointing. She did that thing where she looks like she's thinking about what steps to do, not dancing. Too bad.

Apolo's Waltz: This could be good. He's got that skating smoothness, but he's been better at the latin than the smooth, so, we'll see. Rise and fall! Excellent. Lovely, really. I'm impressed. Huh, didn't catch the technical stuff Len mentions. But he gives them an 8, so not such a big deal.

Leeza's Paso Doble: Oh, man, these "here's the things we did that weren't practicing to get better" montages are tiresome. Really. Love her costume, not feeling the dance. Tentative, which this particular dance really should not be.

Ian's Waltz: After watching every season of this show, I've come to love Cheryl's choreography, so I'm looking forward to this. Rise and fall. Nice frame and posture. Looks good. As usual, I'm with Len.

John's Paso Doble:  Nice job with the cape. He's so close to really doing this well, but not quite there, and a miss is as good as a mile. He's clearly trying to do what's been described as proper technique, but he just doesn't have it.

Clyde's Waltz: This could suit him really well. And his feet are good, som erise and fall, but his upper body is just not right. Part of that is because his partner is so tiny, but he just doesn't have good lines.

Billy Ray's Paso Doble: Wow, shamelessly manipulative training montage. I guess that's the idea, but good lord, that's extreme! OK, actual dancing.Oh, he looks so lost. A little bit of nice footwork in there. Not as bad as it might have been, is all I can really say. Boy, howdy, what dreadful music - who listens to that and thinks "Paso Doble"?.

Heather's Waltz: She's been doing well with the latin dances, there should be less prosthetic leg complications for the waltz, I would think, though every step does count in a way they don't necessarily with the jive, so problems might get magnified. We'll see. For once, I really love her dress. It's a big improvement over her Foxtrot, that's for sure. She got some rise and fall in there, not always right on the rhythm, but her lines are much much better. She looks tense, but the "story" of the dance seems to call for that, so I'll let it go.

Joey's Paso Doble: I hope he's lost the name on the costume thing for good. This should be the best Paso Doble tonight, since Leila's was so disappointing and the rest of the good dancers did the waltz. Could be big for him.  Oh, good music. Excellent opening. Oh yes. He's got that stampy thing! I love that when it's done right, and it is here. Oh and the tilty frame thing, very nice. All that work on his posture clearly paid off. Well done, Joey Fatone! I don't like the pink slash in his shirt, but it's not terribly distracting, just odd. The sleeves look good, just not the back

I didn't realize that there are only 3 women left. I hope one of the men leave this week, but I don't know who should go. Maybe Clyde, he hasn't changed any from week to week. Billy Ray is still the worst dancer, but he's also come the farthest. John was pretty crappy this week, but he's been better up til now. It'll probably be Leeza since she got so few votes last week, and I mostly mind that because in that case all of the exiters will have been women. That would suck, but not be as unfair as Vivica Fox getting booted last year.
In short, I don't know what to hope for. Good thing I don't vote, right?
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EyeTV crashed on me on Monday, so I have to watch on It's an okay viewer, but I will probably have to suffer through more of the talky bits than I usually tolerate.

We're taking ballroom lessons on Thursday nights, now, and the instructor likes that I watch this show - my understanding the technical stuff from the judges makes his job easier. I won't force DH to watch it with me, though. At least as long as he'll practice the actual dancing...
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I might as well just post my opinions as I watch, because I know I will have strong ones. I generally do agree with the judges, but I need to spout off, anyway.

I watch the little clips of the practicing, the dancing (of course), the judges comments and the scores, and skip as much of the rest as I can. I occasionally try to watch live and it's so much harder to get through, so that's why this is going up on Wednesday. It means I can't vote, but I never do. Doesn't stop me from complaining when the masses get it wrong, of course.

A/V Update

Dec. 12th, 2006 02:59 pm
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We got a Tivo about a year ago, and it's been great. It does all kinds of wonderful things that anyone who has one knows, and anyone who doesn't probably doesn't want to hear about. But one thing it can't do - reliably change the channel on the cable box. Serial cable is not an option with my box, so I've got the IR things taped onto the box around the receptor. I followed the directions for placement as accurately as I could, and fine tuned as best I could using Tivo's testing options. Sometimes it just doesn't work.

And TivoToGo sucks in several ways. It only works with Windows. it is currently not able to download many of the files sitting on my Tivo for unknown reasons. It can only export to ipod at the time of transfer. It's pretty unsatisfactory.

About a month ago we got an Elgato EyeTV for the MacMini that is positioned to take over our entertainment needs. I needed it because with Scrubs, Gray's Anatomy, and Supernatural all in the same timeslot, my recording requirements went up to three. Shut up.

So, since the EyeTV changes channels quite reliably,and exports to iTunes easily, today I decided to change the cables around so that the cable box would feed to the EyeTV and the Tivo would have to get by on a diet of basic cable.

it's working exceedingly well so far. Now, the EyeTV doesn't even try to control the cable box, so I have to use Comcast's clunky Record a Future Program system, and that on;y goes a couple of days into the future. I guess they really want people to get their DVRs. however, I am hopeful that once I get my recurring programs scheduled, it will tick along nicely through the end of the season. Meanwhile, the Tivo now has space in its recording schedule to go looking for things I'd like but don't know are on - a feature I haven't used much thus far.

Way more fun than cleaning the living room and doing laundry.

Oops, forgot to mention the silliest part. All this technology feeds into a TV that I bought for about $100 ten years ago.  But it still works (aside from not accepting signals from the remote control) so I can't quite bring myself to replace it...


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