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May. 8th, 2011 10:13 am
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 As more or less expected, re-entry into normal routing after Vegas is taking some adjustment. It's kind of silly - 3 days and two nights vacation shouldn't take more than 3 days to come back to normal from, but my routine, such as it is, is more week-based than day-based, so it was easier to just kind of take the rest of the week off than shift everything. And actual daily stuff like feeding the critters and getting the mail and like that did happen on schedule.

Anyway, the point is, Vegas was a whole lot of fun. [personal profile] perkins is totally awesome to travel with. We ended up with a nice suite at THEhotel (or is it theHOTEL? one of those), my award-miles flight on JetBlue was longish but fine and essentially free, so most of my vacation budget was available for fabulous dining and a fantastic spa day.

Somewhat blurry on the details account within... )

Vegas is always so surreal - the lights everywhere and the endless interiors and small details like the patterns of the carpets and the lack of clocks somehow all conspire to make the whole experience outside of normal life. Makes for an intensely vacationy vacation, even when it's short. Maybe especially when it's short.

I haven't done much since I got home - baked bread, made chopped liver, made a bit of a dent on the freezer. The bees look good but I still need to get the queen cage out of the hive, I hope it is not entirely encased in wax already. Picking up the second hive body on Wednesday, I am so excited to expand!
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What was happening with me yesterday? Oh, right:

  • 15:31 Dad came through second surgery great, NO PAIN, has to stay in hospital a few more days while his insides heal. Off to Gaia, soon. #fb
  • 18:31 Gaia is the awesome. Watching a swan from about 5 ft away right now. Just beyond the cherry tree. Already ate cherries.
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Dad was doing great yesterday, but when they gave him actual food (liquid, but not straight into the bloodstream), the pain came back. But they want to send him home, soon. So, we'll see. He's back to IV only for now.

Saturday was 5 years for me and Henry being married. We went to this hotel for the night. What with one thing and another we didn't check in until 5, too late for massages and whatnot, but we strolled the grounds and watched the birds and had a lovely dinner at the restaurant. H had started feeling poorly on Friday and was ready to sleep right after dinner, but I made him wake up enough to watch Pushing Daisies. Still delightful. We each had a massage in the morning, which is a very pleasant way to start the day but makes it hard to do anything else afterwards, and then I spent some time with an esthetician (kinda weird, but pretty nice - the whole esthetician thing, not her specifically) while H napped some more. he ended up sleeping most of yesterday. But that's not the hotel's fault - we will definitely be back and I would recommend it heartily to anyone looking for that sort of thing.
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First: <a href="">pictures!  </a> I took most of these, as H was busy breaking in his new Pentax K1000 SLR - i'll post those pictures as soon as we get them developed and digitized.


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