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When Walter was first rescued, the vet that checked him out and got rid of his mange and all that stuff liked to put down holidays in his files for rescued dogs' birthdays, chosen based on their estimated ages. Walter got Valentine's Day. So, today he is officially 9. We went to Point Isabel and walked along the water (2 miles for me, much more for him as he did that dog thing of running ahead and back to me along the trail a zillion times), he got a little mud wallow in, lunch at the Sit and Stay Cafe, and a new water-bottle-with-belt-clip-and-bowl  and a somewhat meaty bone from the shop at the Tub and Scrub. A good day.
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That "incentive pay" check? Can't deposit it because it's made out to "The Estate of...". My bank tells me I need to go to court and be declared the executor of the estate and open a separate account just for that. I can't even think about going to court, it's too absurd. There's no estate, he didn't have any property that we didn't hold in common.

Then they tell me I have to close my account to take H off of it. I've had that account for ~40 years, I don't want to close it! I can't learn a new account number. Not to mention that I'm not really eligible to open an account with this credit union anymore, so I don't know how that would work. I just can't even deal with it right now, my brain totally shuts down whenever I try to think about it.

In nicer, but also surprising news - I got one of those Dog Breed DNA tests done on Walter. We've always figured him to be mostly Border Collie and Australian Shepherd. The trainer we went to for obedience training thought we could get him some sort of waiver to be able to compete in AKC agility tests, because he looks so clearly Border Collie. And yet, according to the DNA lab, he's over 75% German Short-haired Pointer with no other breeds listed. And looking at Googled images of the breed and reading the description, I can see it. Show GSPs are disqualified for having any black (they are supposed to be liver and white) and he's all black and white, so maybe some breeder dumped his parents for being the wrong colors. When we first got him we speculated that he had some kind of pointer in him, because he would go into the classic pose (one paw raised and lined up under his nose) whenever he saw something interesting (like a horse or a bird or a rustling bush). And he would probably like everything about hunting except the guns - he really doesn't like loud noises, but swimming, running over rough terrain, and flushing game are all good times and he would love it if I was stricter with his training. So maybe instead of yearning for a flock of sheep all this time he has been wishing I would take up bow hunting.

In OTHER other news, I can pick up my bees on Saturday! Yay!
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Almost forgot, I had all four critters sleeping in the bedroom with me last night with only a little growling at the outset: Walter under the bed, of course, Jadzia in a laundry basket full of unfolded clean clothes, Pixie at my feet, and Wednesday under the covers with me (for a while after she got growled at, anyway).

Re: Subject line - it is, of course, more remarkable that that multiple cats are living together in relative harmony, the dog gets along great with everyone regardless of species.
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Hi, livejournal, long time now write, right? Sorry about that. I finally went to the doctor about the cough I've had for months, and after 10 days of antibiotics I feel great, so the months of  feeling like I wasn't quite right and didn't have enough energy, yeah, there was a reason for that.

So, this morning I went for a run, sort of. I decided to try the Couch to 5k program, since I found an app for the iPod touch that will tell me when to run and when to walk and started today. I took Walter with me because he could use some cardio training - he's seven years old and thinks he's a puppy, so if he won't earn to pace himself off-leash I'll try conditioning him on leash, some. I didn't get completely through it; around the halfway point had to scoop some poop instead of running, and then the last, oh, two probably, running bits I decided to walk, but we covered a mile and three quarters according to Nike+ and I'm not totally exhausted for the rest of the day, so it's a win.

It's become obvious that some form of exercise first thing in the morning sets me up for the day better than trying to fit it in later, but I've been trying to ease into the day with Tai Chi or other lowish impact stuff, and that's okay, but I feel much more energized today after running.

It's a surprise, the instant gratification of this, because, frankly, I never liked running for it's own sake. It was always something I did as part of training for something else and it has always mostly felt like a necessary chore more than a joy. And that's still true - my goal is not to be able to run for the sake of running, really, but to be in better condition to play tennis, go rollerblading, etc.
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Ten years ago today I met my sweet husband. Good day.

I made waffles for breakfast to celebrate. DH's work demanded his attention the moment he woke up, and the dog took off to run around town when I went out to get the paper. Sigh. I assume he'll come home eventually.

10:37 Walter update: he's back inside! He disappeared for a bit then showed back up in my next-door neighbor's yard, gazing at me meaningfully. Sensing the possibility of rapprochement, I got his ball and tossed it in our front yard. He went galloping around our yard to do giant figure eights through the neighboring yards on either side but finally came and got the ball, even dropping it at my feet when he went racing by. A few more rounds of this game and he was ready to come inside. Yay!


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