Sep. 8th, 2012 02:01 pm
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Yesterday I burnt my stomach by leaning into the hot handle of a cast iron frying pan, now have a nice blister just above my navel. It's embarrassing, so I had to tell someone, what's that reaction about? Lucky y'all get to hear about it.

Today I drove out to my parents' house (about 25 miles so not super far, but across a toll bridge, so not super convenient either) and once I got there realized I had failed to bring the right house key. I don't know if I can muster up the will to go back tomorrow, maybe Monday. Those plants are pretty hardy, and it's not terribly hot.

On the whole, feeling stupid and clumsy today.

But I did manage to get my grocery shopping done and my To Do List is down to 288 Overdue Items, so the day is not a total waste.
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What was happening with me yesterday? Oh, right:

  • 19:34 First attempt at proper pie dough with goose fat about to go in the oven (form of indiv. turkey pot pie!). Hope it's good, more in freezer.

  • Used the Ratio "recipe" for pie dough (and I just realized I left out the salt entirely. Whoops) using the goose fat that has been in my freezer for two years. Felt a lot greasier than I am used to pie dough feeling, though I don't think the proportions are very different from how I've always made flour and shortening and water pie dough. Pretty easy to roll out and cooke up tasty.

  • 19:35 So far, surprised by it's being easier to handle in some ways than Peg Bracken's Quick&Easy Pastry. Does require frequent chilling.
  • 19:35 Also, thank you, Thomas Keller for teaching me to have parchment paper around at all times. Great stuff!

  • I've been using parchment paper to line, like, everything and catch vegetable peelings and that sort of thing. Rolled out the pie dough between two sheets and it worked like a charm, even if you could see through the parchment by the time I was done.

  • 20:42 Pie is yum
  • 01:09 Argh. Bought MasterCook 11, downloaded and installed, can't find any of the supposed new features. No Help file, even. Should be asleep.

  • So aggravating! I pre-ordered it, and I got the e-mail saying it was available for downloading at midnight, so I downloaded it. All the promotional stuff says you can put shopping lists (and I think recipes) onto iphones and ipads, so I want to try my touch, but I can't find instructions on what to do anywhere and there's no obvious things in the menus. When I click on help, I get help files from MasterCook 8!

    After struggling with that for far longer than I should have in the middle of the night, I ordered the back-up CD in hopes that maybe my download is missing parts and the CD will have everything, so now I should just wait until it shows up, but I am still aggravated.

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 Looks like it has been a while since I posted anything here, so I should probably do something about that.

I'm having a rough time.Same song, different verse )

I'm seeing our therapist on my own on Thursday. i've been dreading it all week. This is probably not the healthiest attitude to take. But at least it's not like going to the doctor after all the symptoms have disappeared on their own, right?

Speaking of symptoms, my traditional February cough is back a little early. It sounds worse than it feels, but it's annoying nonetheless.
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So, DH was in an accident in November, the week before he left for New Orleans. Car was in the shop for about a month, which is of course when the registration came do, and of course this year required a smog check. So, I paid the fees but didn't get the smog check because car was in the body shop, figured we could get it smogged once it got out, no late fees, everybody's happy.

Body shop finished up with it right before New Years, we went and got it, DH parked it on the street in front of our house because (a) it's slightly easier to get the Volvo out of the garage without the Toyota in the driveway and (b) he gets annoyed at other people parking in front of our house all the time (most of the time it doesn't matter, but when they don't leave us room to put out our garbage or keep the street sweeping from cleaning our gutter, it is pretty annoying) and gets a parking ticket for not having a front license plate. Apparently, lost in the accident. So, I figure it's not legal to drive, we put it in the driveway, and I make an appointment with the DMV to get a replacement plate.

So we go off this morning to get the plates replaced (we both went because i was not sure if we were both on the title and I wanted to make sure whoever was listed as the owner was there because it seems to me I have had trouble with that before), but apparently we can't do that until we get the smog check cleared. I said I thought we couldn't drive it  without the front plate but the DMV lady says, no, it's fine.

So, DH is at American Smog Check as recommended by our friendly neighborhood garage that doesn't do smog checks themselves. I sent him off with the Amex because I like to use the Amex for travel and transportation expenses. He just called to say they only take Visa and Mastercard.

I'm so tired of dealing with all this. The whole thing is just so stupid but I can't really see what I could have done to avoid any of it, so I can't even chalk it up to learning something. And that was the license plate that I know the number of, so i'm doing all this to make that little piece of information that I will probably never lose obsolete and useless. Yay.

And the Volvo registration is due in February, though I hope it will be far less involved.

Edited at 3 PM: Hahahahahaha, it gets better. The car has not been driven enough since its battery was disconnected, the sensors or whatever cannot accurately report to the testing whatsits. We have to put on 50 miles before we can get it smogged.
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Loyal readers may remember that we had to put a new engine in the Toyota last month after it threw a rod. Did I even write about that here? I don't remember. Anyway. We were just about to take it back to the garage for its 1000 mile checkup on fluids, etc., tomorrow.

Except H got into an accident this afternoon. He and a co-worker had to go down to Fremont for the unending hell that the lab down there generates, and H drove. On the way back (presumably, I couldn't hear him that well, I will explain why when I get to that part), the car in front of him on the highway came to a complete stop, he couldn't slow down enough to avoid it and was too hemmed in by other traffic to swerve. Bashed up fender, he says. No ticket, so that's something, maybe the other guy was at fault, I don't know. CHP called a tow truck, who brought the car to some sort of storage facility in Fremont and gave H a ride to BART. He's in Richmond right now, waiting for Capital Corridor train 544 to bring him the rest of the way home. Of course, his phone was basically out of juice when the accident happened, so he couldn't call me until he got to an outlet, which was at the train station but that, unfortunately, was right under the speaker so I could hear the PA announcing delays and whatnot a lot better than I could hear H. His train should get in at 8, I might go pick him up if I am feeling benevolent (it's not a long walk to our house, but it is dark and chilly).

I guess we'll call our insurance agent tomorrow morning, and presumably go deal with the car after that. So not what I planned to do tomorrow. Oh well.
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So, I finally manage to work through my insurance company's "find a provider" website enough to pick out a likely candidate for a PCP. I nerve myself up to call for an appointment. They are at lunch. For an hour and a half. I have to remember to do this, and force myself to call, sometime this afternoon.

Had a hard time in Family Group last night. For the first time, nothing anyone was saying seemed like it had anything to do with me. And the exercise we started off with made my brain slip gears. Or my brain just stopped working then coincidentally. Whatever, I couldn't string words together into a coherent sentence. Did have a good conversation with DH on the break, so that's a plus. And it is a safe environment to just sit and cry, which is good to have.

I still don't know what the insurance company is covering and what we're paying for. I got a bill for our portion of our insurance premiums, I hope that means we'll get a disability check at some point.

Fucking cold is kicking my ass and messing with my head.


Apr. 26th, 2007 12:13 pm
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This is just me feeling sorry for myself. So not interesting.

Ridiculous and pointless whining behind cut )


Apr. 24th, 2007 03:58 pm
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Today is on the List.

I am not pleased and I'm not sure where to direct my ire and too freaking tired to think straight. Bah.

4:15 PM (5 hours after original ETA), flight is canceled. Don't know what happens next.

6:54 He's in a Holiday Inn in San Antonio ordering room service and then going to sleep. Whew.
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I've had a sinus headache since yesterday. My neck randomly has been hurting today - not a sore throat, the muscles on the right side of my neck twinge and hurt when I move my head. And I have no appetite, which I haven't really minded, except that I finally got a little bit hungry and had a bowl of cereal and now I really wish I hadn't.

Today has been a total waste. I had better feel better tomorrow. Not only is tomorrow All About the Football (and, of course, I need to be able to eat at least a little bit of Chicago style pizza for the sympathetic magic to work), but after that is another 5 days of not seeing my husband during daylight hours. That's just how it is in the Winter, but it's a lot easier to take when we can do fun stuff on the weekend.

Feh. I think I will take my temperature.


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