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This is such a first world problem that it isn't even really a problem except that it is taking up all this brainspace, so maybe if I write it out that'll help.

Seriously, this is of no interest to anyone except my brain gerbils )

So straightforward. Why is tea so much more complicated?

More Sloth

Nov. 23rd, 2011 05:25 pm
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My accomplishes of the day, such as they are:
  • Made an appointment with the Genius Bar for Monday. No iPhone for a week! Oh noes.
  • Catalogued my wine cellar. That sounds grand, doesn't it? It's two cases of wine in cardboard boxes in the shed, plus what I bought while wine tasting with d. Well, I got some into the wine rack that came with my fancy Target sideboard (my fanciest furniture comes from Target), so now there's just one cardboard box and it's actually in the living room at the moment. But the point is, I have it documented in a database so I can presumably make informed decisions about what to open next. These two cases could easily last me two years at the rate I'm drinking wine lately. I'm not sure what to do with that knowledge. I did discover that I have no white wines at all, which will be a problem when it warms up again, but is not right now. Of course, I couldn't include pictures of the labels (well, I could have bt it would have been a hassle) with my phone on the fritz. Project for Future!Tamara, who will presumably have a working phone.
  • A little of the usual washing of dishes and that sort of thing. Very little, just barely enough.
  • Oh! I made pumpkin waffles for breakfast. That's something. Sort of.
I decided to put off the stew and dumpling assembly until tomorrow morning. My parents aren't expecting me until noon, and there's not much to it. 


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