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So I was feeling kind of bad that I did next to nothing yesterday and seem well on my way to doing next to nothing again today, but, you know, when I think about it I've got two mitigating, uh, somethings. Mitigators. First, I need to remember that when I do next to nothing right now, it is still way more than when I was doing really very close to literally nothing a little while ago. My lazy yesterday would have been a banner day of achievement last year. So that's something to keep in mind, critical self.

And the other is that before yesterday I was really quite reasonably accomplished for four days in a row. 4 days! That's almost a work week! That's great! I can rest on my laurels a bit before trying for a little more next week. That is A-OK.
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 Man, there is a business down the street that I could totally buy. I wish I had some sort of shop-I-would-like-to open idea, because this would be a golden opportunity to put the old MBA to use. It's currently a thrift store of sorts, focused on records - I haven't even been in it, it's dark and forbidding looking at the moment - and the guy wants to sell all the inventory included, so one could theoretically just keep selling whatever's there while transitioning to whatever one actually wanted to sell.

So tempting. Walking three blocks to work for myself would be pretty sweet. But what on earth would I sell? Used books and outdoor equipment are the only things I know anything about, and I am not current with either anymore...
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Two posts in one day, madness! But I have to work some stuff out, and that is easiest to do by writing it out for y'all (probably behind a cut tag by the time I'm done, I'd be surprised if it is interesting to people who aren't me.

As promised, a cut tag. Possible future career thoughts on the other side. )

Hm, I am half convinced I can do this. I think I'll sleep on it, but I might be onto something.
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Friday Night Lights wasted no time in making me all weepy. Not that that's hard, but they are good at it.

I thought of a job I might actually be able to get that has many good points. Well, more a place to apply that probably often has openings. When I am ready to be applying for jobs, which is not now, but having even a vague outline of a plan makes me feel better. Also, temp agencies can totally be my friend. Just because every time I've signed up with temp agencies in the past I ended up with long-term assignments that I didn't really want is no reason to assume it will happen again.

'Wednesday" appears to be the popular name for the new kitten. She is more pouncy than cuddly the past couple of days, but still very sweet. She ventured into the room Jadzia and Pixie had been hiding in (and sampled their food) this morning, so their sanctuary is not so secure anymore. We'll see how that goes. So far there has been some growling, but the older two seem to just want to get away from her more than beat her down, so I think they will come to a detente eventually. Since she's exploring more, I will have to be more careful about leaving the back door open for the dog. He would totally play with her if he could just figure out how that might work.

Still very low energy. I can't tell if it is something I should respect and wait for it to pass, or try to power through and get stuff done out of sheer force of will. So far waiting is winning, but it has my inherent laziness on its side and nothing urgently needs to get done. That is, there's tons that needs to get done, but not urgently. So I guess there's not much harm in waiting, even if that is not necessarily the best thing to do.


Apr. 24th, 2007 03:58 pm
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Today is on the List.

I am not pleased and I'm not sure where to direct my ire and too freaking tired to think straight. Bah.

4:15 PM (5 hours after original ETA), flight is canceled. Don't know what happens next.

6:54 He's in a Holiday Inn in San Antonio ordering room service and then going to sleep. Whew.
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I've been taking a very "Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life" kind of approach to things lately. It's relaxing today, but, as we all know, tomorrow never comes, or knows, or does anything other than creep by in its petty pace. So things like deciding what to be when I grow up don't get done.

Today I got a call from an actuarial recruiter that got me off my butt enough to update my resume and send several e-mails. I know, it doesn't sound like much, but I have in the last month looked at attractive ads and decided that I wanted to commit to the whole not working thing for a while. I think it was that they called me - I do love to be wanted.

I guess this makes me technically unemployed rather than out of the job market. Yay?


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