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 So, I'm thinking about going to Grad School. Again. This time for a Master's in Eastern Classics. Because I know just barely enough about Chinese history to think I ought to know a lot more, basically. And a little because of the ending of Louie's season finale - my subconscious was very convincing as I was waking up this morning that that made perfect sense.

All my other degrees, including the ones I didn't finish, I went after because they were in some way practical, and this would absolutely not be, and that feels right. Practicality has not really worked out for me, historically.

The main difficulty would be what to do about the house while I'm away doing this (the program is in Santa Fe). I realize I have owned this house for 5 years which is an eternity to be in one place for me and if H was alive we would be talking about moving. Probably deciding we couldn't because the house lost so much value in 2008, but it would have been a conversation. I could try to rent it - it's a year-long program, so getting a tenant with a one-year lease would make sense. I bet I could fit all my stuff in the shed if I really tried, and got rid of the things I don't need to keep. I doubt I could rent it for enough to cover the mortgage, so, the finances probably work out bad with any option.

This particular program only starts in the fall, so lots of time to think about it.
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I love the accoutrements of organization. File folders, sorters, everything at the Container Store, I'll happily surround myself with it. And maintaining the organization, that's wonderful and satisfying. But going from chaos to order even with all my beloved accessories, hard.

This seems to be all of a piece with my tendency to buy yarn and fabric and then not getting any sewing/crocheting/knitting done. Cutting out patterns is my least favorite part of sewing, and that's always what has to be done first. Yarn, I just love yarn, I'll fall in love with the color and feel of a yarn and buy it thinking I will come up with something to do with it, and then it will hide in my cupboard for ages. Which is a shame, because I can actually be quite productive with knitting and crocheting once I have the project figured out.

As habits go, it's not as bad as IV drugs or compulsive destruction of Faberge eggs, but it's not great.


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