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So far just the one. Since Wednesday caught that goldfinch last month, I'd been thinking about putting a bell on her. None of my cats usually wear collars - Jadzia will not rest until she gets them off, rolling on her back with seemingly all her paws engaged in getting the accursed thing pushed over her ears so she can be free; Pixie runs off and comes home collarless, so I don't know how she gets rid of hers. I got Wednesday chipped, but she's so friendly that I was a little worried she might wander into a neighbor's house and ask for food and they might not get her scanned before making an indoor kitty. Then she started catching birds and I feel bad about that since I lure them to the yard with birdseed and all.

So, on my biweekly trip to Petco I picked up two shiny, fancy belled collars. I put the pink one with little skulls on Wednesday. She wasn't too pleased, and tried to run away from the sound of the bell for a little while, but got used to it after an hour or so. Her fur is long enough so you can't really see the collar, but you can tell she's got a collar and I like being able to tell where she is by sound. Hopefully the birds will hear her coming, too. And as long as the mice run outside to get away from her, I don't mind them knowing where she is, either (pretty sure there was a mouse in the kitchen the other day. Wednesday was definitely stalking something on the counter but all I saw was a fast moving blur that might have been mouse-colored...)

I got a silver and black blinged out collar for Pixie, thinking that might make a difference somehow. After I put the collar on Wednesday, Pixie hid in a closet all evening and I haven't seen her today, so maybe I won't try putting it on her after all.
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Farm Fresh has eggs, hooray! Soul Food has no eggs and only frozen chickens for the winter, so I was worried I might have to alter my protein ingestion habits. Well, I will, a bit, but not as much as I feared.

In addition to eggs, today's box broughtList! )
I had left one of those paper bags with handles out for the cats, mostly because Wednesday was really enjoying it. This morning she got it stuck on her somehow (possibly by pushing herself halfway through the bottom, I'm not sure) and did that cat tearing around trying to get away from the flapping bag that's stuck to her thing. She apparently solved the problem by diving through the cat door, because I found the bag wedged into it, completely blocking access. One of the other cats brought it to my attention, of course. Edited to add: and then she tore up and down the hallway maybe an hour later with the handle still wrapped around her middle. Poor thing. She did stand still long enough for me to get it off of her and didn't seem traumatized by the whole ordeal.

For a hot minute there I thought I would make and stick to actual New Years Resolutions. Short version: yeah, nsm. )
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So, I'm trying to keep Wdnesday inside, because she isn't fixed and she hasn't had all her shots - it's a three month process getting her all vaccinated and whatnot and I forgot to ask at teh first visit if she could go outside meanwhile so I am playing it safe. Also, giving the older cats all of outdoors to get away from her.

So the older cats go in and out through a cat door I put in the window of the blue room, which I prop open, because while they can push through it when they need to, they will also come right up to and stop and look confused if it's closed, and I don't want them doing that if something is chasing them. I worry. So, I've been closing the door to that room so Wednesday won't get out. The door to that room doesn't have a doorknob  (none of the doors had doorknobs when we moved in and that one is the last to get one, I just haven't gotten to it and it hasn't been important) but it sort of stays closed if it's wedged into the frame. Unless a kitten pushes on it hard enough to open it, of course, which she figured out how to do this morning.

So, I thought, I'll just close the cat door. It confuses the older cats, surely it will take her a little while to figure out how to get through it if it's closed. At least long enough for me to grab her if I hear her get into that room.

Nope. No hesitation at all.

Fortunately, she can't get down from the cat tree that accesses the window on the outside, yet, so I can still retrieve her fairly easily. I've got the door wedged shut with a coat hanger and a belt for now, but I guess I should get that doorknob installed. I may have to lock her in the bathroom to do it.

Poor Walter really wants to help, but his instincts are for herding sheep, not kittens.
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Almost forgot, I had all four critters sleeping in the bedroom with me last night with only a little growling at the outset: Walter under the bed, of course, Jadzia in a laundry basket full of unfolded clean clothes, Pixie at my feet, and Wednesday under the covers with me (for a while after she got growled at, anyway).

Re: Subject line - it is, of course, more remarkable that that multiple cats are living together in relative harmony, the dog gets along great with everyone regardless of species.
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Friday Night Lights wasted no time in making me all weepy. Not that that's hard, but they are good at it.

I thought of a job I might actually be able to get that has many good points. Well, more a place to apply that probably often has openings. When I am ready to be applying for jobs, which is not now, but having even a vague outline of a plan makes me feel better. Also, temp agencies can totally be my friend. Just because every time I've signed up with temp agencies in the past I ended up with long-term assignments that I didn't really want is no reason to assume it will happen again.

'Wednesday" appears to be the popular name for the new kitten. She is more pouncy than cuddly the past couple of days, but still very sweet. She ventured into the room Jadzia and Pixie had been hiding in (and sampled their food) this morning, so their sanctuary is not so secure anymore. We'll see how that goes. So far there has been some growling, but the older two seem to just want to get away from her more than beat her down, so I think they will come to a detente eventually. Since she's exploring more, I will have to be more careful about leaving the back door open for the dog. He would totally play with her if he could just figure out how that might work.

Still very low energy. I can't tell if it is something I should respect and wait for it to pass, or try to power through and get stuff done out of sheer force of will. So far waiting is winning, but it has my inherent laziness on its side and nothing urgently needs to get done. That is, there's tons that needs to get done, but not urgently. So I guess there's not much harm in waiting, even if that is not necessarily the best thing to do.
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Spent today slowly washing some dishes and watching movies. Stray Dog and Scandal from Akira Kurosawa (working my way through everything I can find chronologically, Rashomon up next) and (500) Days of Summer. The only Kurosawa I've seen  before embarking on this was Ran, which I loved but haven't seen since it came out. Starting with the early ones that I hadn't heard of and didn't really have any expectations about was pretty interesting. Now that  I'm heading into some more famous works I expect I will want to be more careful about being fully awake and attentive when I go to watch them. Which can be a challenge. OTOH, even though I really wanted a nap partway through Scandal, it was compelling enough to keep me up and watching, so maybe that won't be so much of a problem.

I'm hitting that point where I want to stop eating, or at least cooking, so I can get my kitchen clean and keep it that way. My fridge is full of fresh vegetables and I've got a bunch of meals in the freezer (that will take a little preparation to really eat, so they don't save on cleaning as much as I would like (what I would like is completely unreasonable, but still)), so that's an even less practical solution than it usually is, but I am tempted nonetheless.

I am officially missing the Genghis Khan exhibit at the Tech. It ends tomorrow, and I'm not going tomorrow, so there it is. Oh well. Last time I went to the Tech was for H's birthday, so going back was kind of daunting, but I had hoped that I would be able to do it, because, well, Genghis Khan. So it goes.

Kitten (no name yet) seems to be settling in pretty well. She's pretty cuddly, except when she's all pouncy, and sticks pretty close to me whenever possible. Pixie and Jadzia are not pleased, but they aren't being too difficult about it; they've come in promptly for the evening gooshy food and seem to want to just stay away from the newcomer rather than wanting to wail on her.
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Curled up on my shoulder and purring. So sweet.

Longer version )

Little black fuzzball with green eyes. S/he needs a name (and a trip to the vet). Jadzia and Pixie haven't hissed at it yet, so that's smoother than expected.
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What was happening with me yesterday? Oh, right:

  • 08:34 Goldfinch in the bedroom. Before coffee. Unfair. #fb

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I was doing my bleary-eyed ease into the morning thing, catching up on some webcomics before tackling the day, when I heard what sounded like an unfamiliar cat meowing rather desperately somewhere in the back of the house. Now, strange cats have wandered in through the cat door (which is in a window in a spare-ish room) before, so I headed back to see if someone needed rescuing/chasing out, but there was no strange cat, only Jadzia.

Jadzia is not a talky cat. She will meow to protest being picked up, maybe in greeting occasionally, but these meows did not sound like either of those. Apparently, she has a special vocalization for "Help me catch this bird that I have brought into the house to show you but it got away from and now I'm not sure where it is."

I didn't realize that's what it meant, of course, until the rustling of the goldfinch alerted me. I couldn't tell if it was hurt - it was able to flutter across the room, but it's a small room. It was scared enough to try holding very still in between it's desperate attempts to flee, so I was able to catch it and bring it outside. I put it in the tree where all the birdfeeders are and it immediately took off across the street, so I think it may have been wholly uninjured.

During all this, H was in the bathroom and of course I yell to him that there is a bird in the house so he tries to follow the action through the door, asking me questions that I just did not have time to think about. But then he made me coffee a little later.

Tiny things, goldfinches.


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