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Not immediately, you understand. Tomorrow. But I have successfully put together my new natural spectrum lamp with attached magnifying lens for an easier time working on my cross-stitch during the game, and the semi-traditional El Pollo Loco leftovers (usually it's Popeye's, I'm branching out in an effort to maintain my low carb diet) in honor of the dirty birds. Whee!
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I'm not sure, actually, but there'll be a Saints preseason game on my TV in an hour. 
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OK, not really - I'm gonna watch the Superbowl, after all, because it's the Superbowl and because I have a weird almost fangurl appreciation for Peyton Manning (probably from going to Domilise's so much where he's considered a combination of family and royalty with Polaroids of him from his high school days at Newman all over the cork board by the door (oh, and he just seems so charming in interviews and ads and whatnot, but I digress)), so that's not changing, and really I'd have my Sundays just as free if the Saints had won, but whatever.

I guess the actual advantage is that I don't have to spend money on plane tickets for a weekend visit to New Orleans that we really don't have time for right now and can't justify but would have really enjoyed.  Oh well. Already planned and paid for trip to Aruba will console me.

But it will be nice to have two days available for random whatever on the weekends.  I love football and all, but it does constrain my leisure time choices.
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I can't believe it.

I'm all light-headed from the game, and I can't quite take in the reality.

The Saints just doubled their playoff wins in truly spectacular fashion. Cinderella stories don't come better than this.



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