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Or in stock, anyway. Sometime in the dim and distant past, Republic of Tea came out with a bunch of teas with Jerry Garcia artwork on the tins, which DH and i gave as gifts to everyone in our families, keeping the Jerry Cherry Tea for ourselves. I really like it, and it was a limited edition, so once I got down to having just a few bags left I've been loath to use them up since I knew I couldn't get more, while at the same time worrying that they would be losing their tastiness sitting in the cupboard. For some reason I checked the Republic of Tea website the other day and four that they have refills available, again for a limited time, so I ordered a couple of packs (and browsed through their other teas but, wow, too many options for me to do a little impulse shopping!). Hooray! And, knowing I had replacements on the way, I went ahead and brew up one of the bags I had on hand and it was still delicious.

On an unrelated note, I got behind in my dumpling making, partially due to Passover, so to catch up I made two Tibetan recipes yesterday: Shogo Momo (Wheat Dumplings Stuffed with Turmeric-stained Potatoes) and Sha Momo (Wheat Dumplings Stuffed with Beef and Onion). Yum! The dough is pretty much the same as the Ting Momo that I liked so much, but without the leavening and rolled out like won ton wrappers. I didn't do a great job of rolling it out - between taking on a doubled recipe and my inherent inability to judge when dough is 1/8" thick, results were uneven, and having the dough floury enough to handle but sticky enough to seal up around the fillings continues to be a tricky proposition. But neither of those was a big problem. My finished dumplings don't look quite right, but  they taste fine. The fillings are delicious - the beef is mixed with ginger and garlic and green onions so it's like having the flavorings that often go in dipping sauces inside the dumpling, and the potato is basically turmeric mashed potatoes. It tickles me to have a meat and potatoes meal that is entirely Tibetan dumplings. Tasty and filling. Oh! This was my first time using the layer of lettuce leaves in the steamer pot technique (hard to believe that that hasn't come up before, it's so common!), so, nice to have that under my belt. I'm still a little behind dumpling-wise, so I'll probably do another two-fold recipe next time.

On Wednesday I went to the Western Railway Museum with my folks to take the wildflower excursion. It was a beautiful day, not a lot of wildflowers (there's been plenty of rain but not a lot of sun lately and those flowers are so picky about weather conditions!) but plenty of nice scenery. As we poked around the gift shop afterwards, I couldn't help but think "On an unrelated note, I'm into trains now" while looking over the striped engineers caps for sale...

Bee Update

May. 11th, 2011 04:48 pm
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I have picked up the second hive body. I need to paint it, which may take a couple of days, mostly drying time, then the bees will have double the living space. Nice.

I think they are ignoring the sugar syrup, which they are supposed to do when there is sufficient nectar for their needs (nectar being tastier, I suppose). So that's good. I'll probably leave the feeder on for a while just in case, I don't think there's any harm in that. I still need to retrieve the queen cage and check for brood - tomorrow should be a good day for that. Just observing them coming and going, there's a lot of traffic and definitely some bees coming home carrying gobs of pollen.

Worms are doing well, so far as I can tell. There continue to be live worms, which is really all I am checking at this point.

Mom and I visited the Western Railway Museum (before heading up to Bee Supply) for her belated Mother's Day gift of a ride on the Scenic Limited. Very pleasant! Nice scenery, lemonade and cookies, and I just like trains. They have a HUGE inventory of train related books including many on small lines and city transportation systems (and not just nearby cities, I noticed Chicago and Arkansas in my browsing). A good resource if any of that information should be needed, I bet. And I didn't even look at the library, that was just the gift shop.

I could have sworn I had another thought to mention, but it seems to have fled. Oh well.


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