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First off, last night's Community was phenomenal. It was stylistically perfect and packed with detail - the return of Big Cheddar, Real Neil with that song that keeps popping  up for no apparent reason, everything about the map, etc. And the main story was amazing. 

So in my tossing and turning trying to get to sleep last night I somehow got fixated on reconstructing the plot of the episodes that have aired this calendar year. Surely I couldn't have forgotten any so quickly, I know they've all been good, why could I only come up with four of them? Because, my dear self, there have only been four of them. Which I eventually did figure out.

And that's how I came to put myself to sleep with the mantra "There are FOUR 2012 episodes of Community" (to be read using Capt. Picard's voice).
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 In the last 3 weeks i have watched every episode (and episode commentary where available) to date of Community. It is a little alarming how much I like this show.

Naturally, I have poked around the internet a little bit to see what other people are saying about it, so I've seen a few "Why didn't I start watching this earlier?" comments from others who didn't jump i with the pilot. I'm not going to say that. I did watch the pilot and I was absolutely right to decide not to watch season one as it aired, not because there was anything wrong with it but because there's no way I would have enjoyed and appreciated it at the time. As I have done this epic catching up, I kept an episode guide with air dates to hand because that's how I roll and there were so many times when I could remember what was going on with me when a particular episode and be able to pinpoint exactly what horribleness that episode would have triggered if I'd watched it when it aired. But I can watch them all now. So that's, like, progress? It's something.

And I am grateful for that because, y'all, seriously, I love this show. A lot. NBC has got to bring it back soon.

As you may have picked up by a careful reading of the subtle clues in this journal, I have been having a tough time making decisions for the last, oh, two years. Or so. And a big part of that has been that every decision boils down to choosing what kind of person I want to be.And I mostly don't know, still, I have no guiding principle to go by, really, so every stupid choice is monumental. And, on top of being narratively innovative and dense with humor and frequently just awesome, Community addresses those kinds of questions of identity in a thoughtful and sympathetic way.  I really appreciate that.


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