Sep. 14th, 2013

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So, Yom Kippur. I'm not spending a lot of energy on atoning, as such,this year. If I've wronged you, let me know because otherwise I will have no idea and I don't want to go around wronging people without at least trying to make it right. But I'm not trying contemplating my past actions or anything. Generally in a more forward- than backward-looking mood lately.

But I am fasting. It's pretty much like my usual Saturdays, in that taking that Day of Rest thing seriously makes the fasting easier, but every time I think, maybe it's time for a glass of water/cup of coffee/piece of chocolate/lunch/whatever, I have to remember no, not 'til sundown. But it's not too bad.

Coincidentally, today is also one year since I started actively trying to lose weight. Official weight loss = 69.7 pounds, which seems okay for a year, squarely in that 1-2 lbs/week that is supposedly okay. Kinda flattened off this past month, I think my body's gotten used to my normal level of activity and I need to think about adding exercise for the sake of exercise. Probably a good idea to get my bike tuned up and make use of my gym membership. I don't think I need to narrow down my goal weight, yet, plenty of time for that once I get my Body Fat % into something like the normal range and don't have  boxes of clothes that used to fit me that I'd like to fit me again. When the personal trainer providers at my gym tried to sign me up, they said I had to have a goal, but I don't think I do. I might be doing better without one, really. Having a routine is more what I want, even if it periodically changes.

I'm eligible for the "salary reduction plan" at work, which sounds like a terrible idea but is just automatic pre-tax payments into the 401K. So that's triggering more what-kind-of-life-do-I-want thinking (because that's kind of the angle of financial planning, you know?). I still don't have any kind of answer. I don't know, maybe just trying to get my work done and making my mortgage payments and trying to live within my means is okay for now and I don't need to worry about the why of it all for a bit longer.


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