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...continues. As I slowly erode Mt. Laundry (even with the dryer working properly (and hooray for that!) the flickery fluorescents in the garage (where the washer and dryer are) make doing laundry after sunset a dicey proposition. And I'm mostly home when the sun is down. But, hey, a couple of loads a day will make a huge difference, if I can get one started before I leave for work and another right when I get home while it's still light out.

Anyway, the point is, I'm pulling out the summerweight clothes and size 24 clothes as I come across them and putting them in appropriate boxes (which are in different rooms so I hope I won't get them confused, but I'd best bust out the label-maker before too long).

And my Saints play this Thursday, so I don't have to block out football watching time next weekend. Although I'll also need to do some Thanksgivikkuh prep cooking, but dividing my time between the kitchen and the garage/laundry usually works out okay for both. And after Thanksgiving there's three days in a row of not going to work or social obligations (I think, I shold check that at some point). Who knows what I can do with that kind of time!

Oh, man, do I have enough candles to do the freezer vs room-temp storage experiment? I think I cannot do that on top of everything else this year.

I still have 18 custard-based meals in the fridge, so that's six days, and more than a day's worth of commercially-prepared frozen meals in the freezer, and my produce box and eggs come this Tues night/Wed morning. Feeding myself for the next week or so should not be a problem. I'll  have to go grocery shopping at some point for T-day specific ingredients. And gelt, which I couldn't find at Target today. I know Cost Plus will have chocolate coins, I just need to get over there. I'm planning on bring in jelly donuts and chocolate coins for my department next Wednesday, since that evening will be first candle lighting. I don't think I can manage vegan jelly donuts for my parents, but gelt for them, too. I described the Serious Eats Latke-Crusted Fritters to them when we went to the Sing-a-bration yesterday and they are game to try making them. I'll probably do the cranberry center and stuffing layer ahead of time and just do the latke crust and fry at their house. Exciting!

Oh! I had the crazy idea of packing both my gym bags and a yoga bag and stashing them all in the trunk tonight so I would have no excuse to not go to the gym on my way home from work three times. I think I have enough sport's bras and running shoes to fill them all. I certainly have plenty of sweat pants and T-shirts. Let's see if I can make that happen...

Edited to add: forgot that the problem with the one gym bag is that most of teh zippers are frozen. It's so well-laid out with its pockets and compartments, though! Such a shame. Anyway, one bag packed with the goal of getting to the gym tomorrow. The rest of the week will have to take care of itself.
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