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My Fall seasonal allergies are just kicking in. I was all proactive and got the Nasalcrom over Labor Day weekend when I'm supposed to, and it seemed like it was taking less than a week to be effective at reducing the symptoms. Unfortunately, I went and left it at home one day when I went to work, so that's a couple of missed doses. And today I went and left it at work when I came home and I'm already feeling the congestion coming back a little. Rats. Shoulda got two bottles.

ION, I occasionally get people coming to the door saying they are upgrading alarm systems or wanting to install one for free for some reason, some spiel like that. It creeps me out so much. Don't ask me about my security, strangers!
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I slept for 12 hours last night. Got up at dawn when the smoke alarm went off (yeah, I don't know, I'm pretty sure it wasn't actually smoke) and let the dog out but went right back to sleep until lunch time, occasionally rousing enough to consider getting up but somehow always deciding to roll over and sleep some more. Finally got up when I was too thirsty and had to get a glass of water, but still don't feel really awake. Also coughing and headachy and it occurs to me that the almond trees are probably blooming. A little early, but the weather's been odd so that wouldn't surprise me. Good for the bees, bummer for my sinuses, who make sure the rest of my body suffers right along with them.

At least I got way too much Chinese take out yesterday, so I have lots of comforting leftovers to graze on.
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What was happening with me yesterday? Oh, right:

  • 12:28 Gah. Postponed re-upping the Nasalcrom one day too long. Anti-allergy cocktail applied, waiting for the relief to start.
  • 15:00 Yay, Henry's home (from, ftr, having to go into the office YESTERDAY). Have put him to bed.
  • 17:30 Very amused by House jumping the shark
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I kind of feel like I lost yesterday. Between my sinus headache (now being staved off by Chloraseptic Allergen Block - using it seems weird but it also seems to work) and Henry's bizarro work schedule it was partially an extension of Monday and partially nonexistent. I did get scallops cooked for dinner, though. and they were good. I just love bay scallops, they are probably the treyf I would miss the most (well, and abalone, but I haven't had abalone in a very long time because it's not like I can buy it at Raley's (and also cheeseburgers, but that's a whole different kettle of fish in my head)) when and if I decide to keep kosher.

I came up with a great plan to go out for breakfast today and get Bab's delicious corn beef hash since I completely failed to make a boiled dinner for St. Pat's Day but I am being foiled by DH's desire to not have to get dressed and go out. I can't really demand it, poor guy is still catching up on his sleep debt, bt I don't know what I have on hand to eat...not much, if memory serves and it would be best if I hold off on grocery shopping 'til the paycheck shows up in the bank account...
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If one of you has a voodoo doll of me, I would appreciate it if you would stop squishing the face in. I'm ready to negotiate some sort of appeasement.

Ta, ever so.
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I'm allergic to corn, especially in the form of corn starch and corn syrup. I used to be able to find all kinds of nummy corn-free treats around Passover time because kosher-for-Passover used to mean corn-free. Around the time I converted, a bunch of rabbis agreed that corn syrup and corn starch were too far removed from the grainy source to count as a contaminant, and the joy of Pesach as the time when I didn't necessarily have to read every label was just a little bit tarnished for me.

Yesterday, Henry and I stopped off at our local Raley's to pick up some snacks for a little 10th Anniversary Buffy marathon and came upon a nice collection of Passover-prep kosher foods nicely displayed in the middle of the back aisle. So we added a case of Yehuda matzah and a yahrzeit candle to our basket already brimming with smoked oysters and chocolate eggs. Then I noticed the marshmallows. With hardly any hope, I read the ingredients. No corn. Corn-free marshmallows have been a holy grail of mine since before I knew that the reason I couldn't eat marshmallows was corn. Well, no, that's logically ridiculous, but as near as all my life as makes no difference. And I found them!

I haven't opened them yet. I'm a little afraid - what if they just aren't that tasty? What if marshmallows are only delicious when they are taboo? But the day will come, and soon, when I will light up the outdoor fireplace, toast myself some marshmallows and have my first ever s'more.

Also found some corn-free yellow cake mix (which I use to make pie, but that's another story) and a kosher-for-passover Count Chocula knock-off that I just had to try. Sweet cereals are mostly a thing that I just don't understand, and I couldn't pass this one up. It's chocolate, for breakfast! A must to try.

So, thank you manufacturers, for keeping your recipes and standards from a simpler time and making the magic of Passover that much brighter.


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