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So, I've lost about 20 pounds in the past year. About half of that is from mixed unknown causes - forgetting to eat,  that week of of clear liquids after the ER visit, binging on fresh produce once a month when the Farm Fresh To You box comes, who knows what all. Sometime in March I noticed that I was down a few pounds and decided to continue that using a highly prescriptive part-time diet I found amongst some old papers I was filing. I had thought, at the time I decided to start it, that I had gotten it from one of the nurses when I worked payroll at Ochsner and therefore it couldn't be too unhealthy, but I think I really got it from one of the other secretaries at the Sewerage and Water Board. Anyway, I don't buy its claims of magical chemical interactions that will let you lose 10 pounds a week, but it's easy enough to follow, doesn't require a lot of cooking or shopping, and has a pretty good mix of nutrients. What I like best about it is that I don't have to make any decisions about what to have for lunch, etc., for three days a week, I just have whatever is specified on the paper, no more thinking required. Which is nice. It seems to be working out for me pretty well so far, both in general sanity and in weight loss. Probably getting in my way a little on the my-freezer-is-too-full front, but that's a good problem to have, as problems go.

Other things I have added to my routine that some people have suggested contribute to weight loss: daily yogurt, nightly honey, half-hearted attempt to follow the 90-Second Fitness Solution (I forget more often than I actually do the exercises).

And now I'm going to abandon my routine for three days in Vegas, which will be fun, but establishing what little routine I have has been hard I hope it isn't so hard to come back to.
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And I've lost another 5 lbs. How, I don't rightly know. I have been reasonable diet-wise, but I haven't exercised at all the last couple of weeks. Possibly the weight was all gone by that time and I've just been maintaining, I don't know. In any case, it's fine if surprising.

The not fine thing is that after losing 25 lbs since this summer, my body fat % (according to my home scale that purports to measure it) hasn't changed at all, and my measurements haven't changed very much. I don't quite know what to do with that. I need to make an appointment for my assessment at the gym, which may clarify matters as no doubt their measurements are more accurate.

But, as soon as these dang cramps go away in a couple of days, I feel a renewed commitment to my exercise routine. I figure, after an unscheduled break, what better time to go ahead and change things up: do my weightlifting 3 times a week like I know I should rather than the 2 I've been coming kinda close to; take a yoga class that I've been thinking of trying; swim once a week, goddammit we aren't paying those dues for nothing (that is, we kind of have been, but I don't want to be!); bike at least a little every day until the distance to the grocery store is easy; walk the dog every day - he'll be happier, I'll be happier. So, that's the plan. I don't think it's too much. If it is, I'll adjust, but it's what I want to aim for. It adds up to a lot of time once you include all of the putting shoes on and getting to the gym and other ancillary times, but I've already made the decision that if other things (ie housecleaning) have to suffer in favor of me exercising, that is okay.

I've gotten little better about breakfast. I have pancakes and waffles in the freezer, ready to be toasted, so that gives me another easy option besides yogurt&granola and oatmeal. Next week I will bake some muffins.
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4.5 lbs down this month. That puts me at a lower weight than I have been for at least a year. It's a measurable difference in all of my, er, measurements - waist, bust, etc. - but I have yet to go down a size. Of course, today I am all bloated with extra menstruation weight, so maybe something that hasn't fit in a while will again, soon.

I was finally getting some consistency to my exercise routine and the this weekend I was just wiped out and barely able to stand, so I'm not sure where to aim for this week. I'm dialing it back a little bit in hopes that I won't wear myself out again, or whatever that was, but I don't want to cut back too much, either.

H sticking to a regular routine should help with that. When I know when he's doing what, I can plan when I'm doing things either with him or on my own, and I do love a plan, so I hope this trend continues.

We went from 7-days (all three meals for me, breakfast and dinner only for H) eating DietToGo down to 5 lunch and dinner. Adjusting to breakfast has been easy enough, I have a good idea of what kind of caloric levels work for me for breakfast at this point  and I've got a few stand-by meals that are generally satisfying. I really missed being able to eat out occasionally, so I'm glad to have that option back, but I'm not entirely confident that my choices for lunches and dinners off the plan are healthy ones. It's the trade-off, if I want the freedom to eat out I have to give up the certainty that the nutrition is all figured out for me. Going okay so far, I think.

I rearranged most of the living room over the last few days, and that meant moving around things in breakfast nook, as well. I think it's better. Still have to swap the piano and comfy chair, and figure out what to do with the thing H calls a divan (I think Target referred to it as a cushioned bench, it's got kind of a fainting couch aspect to it). It may fir where I want it, it may not. But I've got the crystal and purple glass on display where we can actually see it, which is nice, and the loveseat is against the wall so it won't keep sliding backwards like it used to, and I can see out the picture window while I sit on it if I just turn my head (which I didn't think would work, that's a pleasant surprise), and the rug still works, now with more room for Yoga. Seems like better chi flow.

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The first of the month is when I (a) flea treat the critters (b) pay my car insurance premium (though it's done by automatic debit so it's not so much that I do it as I have to remember that it will happen so the funds are where they are supposed to be) and (c) take all my measurements. Results are pretty much where they should be this month, which is nice, though my menstrual cycle is messing with my waist measurement shrinking as nicely as the rest.

Oh, well, one reason I went with the calendar month for taking measurements is so menstrual effects will get averaged out over time and it's early days, yet.

Nice not to have rent to pay, that's for sure! Yes, still have the mortgage, but I've got that set up to be automatically paid as often as money comes in in the form of DH's paycheck, so it's relatively painless.

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I volunteered to work a booth with my parents at the Travel Fair down in Santa Clara yesterday, telling people to visit Martinez in conjunction with Amtrak, since the train is a good way to get there. It was fun, I actually could answer a lot of people's questions and I picked up a bunch of information of places to visit and things to do nearby. Like the Stockton Asparagus Festival! I'm all over that. Stockton! And Asparagus! Yay!

In keeping with the theme of the day, we took the train down - my stop is just before the Martinez stop on the Capital Corridors route, so my folks just got on the same train as me and found me.  It was a really pretty day, and the route was scenic, we even spotted the church my parents were married in (in Fremont).

Today I got some dishes washed and some clothes laundered and one(1) box unpacked. That box had my heart rate monitor in it, so hooray for that. Part of me is sad to lose that excuse for not exercising, but it's definitely for the best. Tomorrow, yoga and walking, now properly measured.

Also tomorrow, Henry comes home! Yay! He's planning on bringing us po-boys for dinner, which is also worth some cheering. Actual dieting to9 commence, well, when I find my Atkins book. tHat plan worked for exercise. Theoretically.
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I'm allergic to corn, especially in the form of corn starch and corn syrup. I used to be able to find all kinds of nummy corn-free treats around Passover time because kosher-for-Passover used to mean corn-free. Around the time I converted, a bunch of rabbis agreed that corn syrup and corn starch were too far removed from the grainy source to count as a contaminant, and the joy of Pesach as the time when I didn't necessarily have to read every label was just a little bit tarnished for me.

Yesterday, Henry and I stopped off at our local Raley's to pick up some snacks for a little 10th Anniversary Buffy marathon and came upon a nice collection of Passover-prep kosher foods nicely displayed in the middle of the back aisle. So we added a case of Yehuda matzah and a yahrzeit candle to our basket already brimming with smoked oysters and chocolate eggs. Then I noticed the marshmallows. With hardly any hope, I read the ingredients. No corn. Corn-free marshmallows have been a holy grail of mine since before I knew that the reason I couldn't eat marshmallows was corn. Well, no, that's logically ridiculous, but as near as all my life as makes no difference. And I found them!

I haven't opened them yet. I'm a little afraid - what if they just aren't that tasty? What if marshmallows are only delicious when they are taboo? But the day will come, and soon, when I will light up the outdoor fireplace, toast myself some marshmallows and have my first ever s'more.

Also found some corn-free yellow cake mix (which I use to make pie, but that's another story) and a kosher-for-passover Count Chocula knock-off that I just had to try. Sweet cereals are mostly a thing that I just don't understand, and I couldn't pass this one up. It's chocolate, for breakfast! A must to try.

So, thank you manufacturers, for keeping your recipes and standards from a simpler time and making the magic of Passover that much brighter.
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(1) [ profile] drollerie press sounds extremely interesting - the sample covers are wonderful and just the type of thing that would draw my eye on a bookstore shelf. I'm hoping I may have something suitable to submit. I'm not so much with the sensuous, but I do have a couple of dark fairy tale irons in the fire. Regardless of how that goes, I'm pretty sure it will be stuff I want to read, and that's always good.

(2) I'm adjusting to a new "diet" that is a modified fast, basically. You can eat anything you want, but only for a limited time each day. Once you get used to it, you supposedly naturally gravitate towards a fairly balanced diet with low total calories for the day. It appeals to me, since, honestly, some form of fasting or very restrictive diets have been what has historically worked for me to lose weight. It's easier to not eat anything, or only eat particular things, than it is for me to put a lot of thought into what I eat. Anyway, what I'm doing right now is pushing back the time I have breakfast later each day, with the goal of only eating between 5 PM and 10 Pm each day. I'm up to 11 am currently, (though I actually am just having my yogurt now, since my mom called just before 11 this morning...) and finding that I can't do anything productive in the morning. I have to put all my energy into Not Eating. It's weird. I'm hoping that goes away as I get used to the new schedule. 'm not looking for advice or help coping with it or whatever, I just wanted to record what a strange feeling it is to bend my energies towards a negative. Oddly, I'm finding that distracting myself with some activity doesn't really help. That's the strangest part - I can sit and read and think to myself that I have X amount of time before breakfast and that's fine, but if I try to , I don't know, clean the bathroom or go for a walk or something I am hit with mad cravings for specific foods. Weird.
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I really meant to make this journal thing not so all diet all the time.

Oh well.

Today I hit 30 lbs gone - woo-hoo! Love those round numbers.

Also, I am eating lettuce right now, AIFG! Mmmm, Romaine. After 8 days of liquids, so freaking exciting.
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I've decided to make a fast a regular part of my lifestyle. Two months of dieting is about my limit, as far as enthusiasm goes. I can soldier on through another week or two, but then I really want to not do whatever I've been doing - counting calories, avoiding carbs, whatever. So, every three months I'm gonna reboot with the lemonade fast. It's supposed to be cleansing, and I drop 5-10 lbs in just a few days, which is a nice jump start to actual dieting.  It's not sustainable, by any means, but for three days, I'm unlikely to be doing myself any real damage, right?

The downside, is I give myself permission to be a little decadent in the week or two before the fast, which was nice for the holidays, but it's an impulse I should try to keep in check.

Anyway, today is day two of three, then a juice fast for 5 days, then salads, After that I'm probably going to jump into some sort of meal replacement system, do shakes for breakfast and lunch. I feel like not thinking about menus for a while.


Nov. 30th, 2006 04:28 pm
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Today, I reached my interim goal of losing 20% of the weight I want to lose. Which means I got to buy makeup. Nice timing, because today was also when I went to get a new passport (so I can go to Aruba in February, yay!), and I was able to feel pretty with my new makeup when I got my picture taken.

So, today I managed to:
  • Buy makeup
  • Buy Bagels for the weekend and eat lunch
  • Pick up dry cleaning
  • Apply new makeup successfully
  • Pick up December bus pass for DH
  • Apply for a new passport
  • Get the rest of the groceries to see us through some time next week

I did not manage to:
  • Exercise
  • Clean any part of the house at all
  • Walk the dog
  • Do any laundry

Luckily, we went out to eat last night, and were all extravagant with appetizers and dessert and consequently have vast quantities of leftovers that we can eat for dinner tonight, so I don't have to cook, or feel too bad that the kitchen is a mess. As long as I have clean dishes and can heat stuff up in the microwave (which I can), it's all good.
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I have designed for myself an elaborate diet plan that starts with a juice fast and ends with a low-calorie balanced nutrition diet that I will stay on for like a year. To make it interesting I am changing what I can and cannot eat every 5 days for the first little bit. I figure the longer I can keep it novel the longer I can actually stick to it. It's ambitious as all get out, but if it works I will actually be at a healthy weight before too long, and that will be nice.

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So, I decided to start exercising in May. Actually, I needed a running star, so to speak, so I got going in April, but May was my first full month. Three times a week I try very hard to keep my heart rate in the recommended zone for 45 minutes. It seems to be going fairly well - despite the 2 week Ick , I'm generally feeling better than I had been. And I did manage to keep working out through the Ick. Not as hoardcore as it sounds, that heart rate limit keeps me far from intense when I am actually sick and not just lazy.

Today I did my monthly aerobic fitness test and found I had dropped nearly three minutes off of my one-mile time while keeping my average heart rate the same, which seems good.

Unfortunately, I have also gained 2.5 pounds and added an inch to my hips. So, exercising and paying no attention to my diet is apparently not gonna work out for me.

Accordingly, trying out the Sonoma Diet. It's pretty pleasant to follow, time will tell if it's effective for me.


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